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Olde Good Things Salvages Stone Friezes from a Philadelphia Synagogue

For years, Olde Good Things has been involved in the reclaiming of items from many famous buildings and places of worship.  A few years back, we received the privilege of removing a very colorful original polychrome terra cotta from a Philadelphia synagogue.  Here in these pictures, you can see that many have religious emblems, but there are some which are simply decorative.


Polychrome, as the name depicts means multi-colored glazes were applied in the baking process of this terra-cotta, making the final product even more vivid and breathtaking.  Detail can be seen in these various arches which are nearly 100 years old.  They were carefully removed by the architecturologists and are now available for resale at our Scranton, PA location.

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These would be perfect for a restoration of a private or public site for worship.  Those without religious emblems can be used in many settings, including a centerpiece in a beautiful garden.

We have many building stones available at this time which are not currently seen on our site, inquire and we can send you pictures of what we may have available at this time.

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Video Tour of Salvaged Stone Yard

Hidden City – Historic West Philadelphia Jewish Community Center, Conquered By Demolition

DIY Garden Decorating with Architectural Stones, Bricks and Iron Remnants

Spring has sprung and many of us are finding ourselves in our gardens a lot more than ever before.  Perhaps these days you are decorating with flowers and ground cover or maybe you’re starting your first organic veggie garden.  At any rate, a great way to spruce up any little plot of ground is with remnants of antique iron fencing, old bricks, or even architectural stones.

Here at Olde Good Things, we have a great variety of architectural elements that are perfect for the garden.  We have many miscellaneous sections of old runs of fencing which have been broken down and could be used as garden spears or small trellises.  We also have salvaged brick and building stones and salvaged urns which can be used as trim or a centerpiece.

Iron fencing is a great way to build a little protection from those cute but pesky groundhogs (at least in our neighborhood) who will feast on your lettuce long before you get a chance to harvest one leaf! Don’t let your garden disappoint, just a few sections of iron fencing and some wire ties just might be the ticket to keep hungry critters at bay.

Peruse our online iron inventory here, and our architectural stones at this link. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call or email. Our website is open for business and we’ll do our best to locate the right piece for you!

Closer Look at the Salvaged Iron Yard in Scranton, Pa

Video Tour of Salvaged Stone Yard

Top 10 Countdown: Most Valuable Salvaged Pieces at OGT

Through the years, Olde Good Things has acquired some of our most priceless artifacts from old buildings getting a face lift or being demolished. We hear from time to time that our salvaged inventory is priced on the higher side. The actual salvage act from our team is sometimes overlooked.  Our demo team spends long hours and extreme manpower to preserve these items. It takes many unique skills to remove a giant marble mantel or stone frieze from the outside of the building while keeping it intact. It’s not all removing a door from the hinges.

We complied a list of the most valuable salvaged pieces we have online today. Please click into the listings to ask any questions or make an offers on a specific piece.

Let The Countdown Begin


10. Pair of 3 ft Salvaged Waldorf Conrad Suite Marble & Bronze Urns – $38,000 These are original to the Conrad Suite of the NYC Waldorf Astoria Hotel.


9. 10 ft Bronze Religious Sculpture of Moses Parting the Red Sea – $40,000 Salvaged from a North Bergen, New Jersey synagogue before its demolition.


8. White Red & Yellow Inlaid Marble Mantel from the US Ambassadors Suite of the Waldorf Astoria – $40,000 This mantel is original to Room 42A2 of the US Ambassadors Suite in the Waldorf Astoria hotel.


7. Massive 5 ft Gilt Bronze American Baroque Style Chandelier – $45,000 Huge 18 arm bronze chandelier featuring a crown of four cartouches, each bearing the New York City seal. Salvaged from a lobby of a New York City building.


6. Neoclassical Walnut Panel Room with Grand Carved Mantel – $45,000 Solid walnut panels from the negotiating room of the prominent Williamsburg Savings Bank in Brooklyn, New York.


5. 19th Century Louis XIV Style Gray Marble Mantel – $51,000 This is one of several additions from Danny Alessandro & Edwin Jackson mantel company.


4. Large Bronze Architectural Plaque from New York City – $70,000 From the National American Building, formerly located at 340 Madison Avenue, New York City.


3. 5 ft Silvered Bronze Ten Arm Georgian Caldwell Chandelier – $75,000 Manufactured by EF Caldwell, New York in 1895. 


2. 13 ft Monumental Tennessee Marble Mantel – $76,500 Made of 150 pieces of Tennessee marble, this mantel is now reconstructed and on display in our Scranton warehouse.


1. 1964 Solid Cast Bronze 12 ft Mid Century Modern Room Divider – $250,000 This was retrieved from the lobby of the Public Safety Building in Syracuse, NY. Plans were drawn in 1959; construction started July 1962 and was completed in 1964 by King & King Architects.



Creating an Outdoor Oasis Using Salvaged Items

Having an outdoor living space can be a wonderful, relaxing addition to your home. Continuing the decorating style you already use indoors into your outdoor space can also help to increase your home’s value. It can be difficult to know how exactly to do this, however, particularly if you’ve used salvaged items to create a unique look for your home. As the top salvage company in the country, we have the opportunity to create many interesting decorative pieces and spaces using salvaged items in ways many people don’t even think of. Read below for how you can create a beautiful look for your outdoor space using items from one of our many locations.


Every garden should have a gate or a door, but not necessarily as an entry point.  Above is just a small selection of iron entry ways available at Olde Good Things.  An antique French door that no longer contains the glass (like the one from our online selection shown above) can make a beautiful trellis for climbing flowers or decorative vines. Refinishing or painting the door in a bright, bold color can also make it a lovely accent piece when placed against a fence or a garden wall. For a more traditional look, two solid doors can be connected with other wood pieces at the top to make a beautiful arbor. Consider placing a bench or reading chair beneath it to create a peaceful nook for reading, relaxing, or late afternoon naps.

An old bicycle can be used to decorate an outdoor space

An old bicycle, like the one shown here can make an excellent conversation piece. Turn the handlebar basket into a planter, and
consider weaving climbing flowers or vines through the wheel spokes and around the frame. The color of the bike can be incorporated into your garden’s theme, or it could be used as an eye-catching piece to liven up a more drab area of your outdoor space.

Tables missing their tops, or chairs that are missing their seats also make excellent planters, and can be very interesting pieces. These types of items also work quite well in smaller spaces, or on patios that don’t have any real planting space.

An open top table can be used as a garden element

An open top table can be used as a garden element

Stone pieces are a traditional choice for decorating an outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring or ordinary. Consider moving beyond traditional stone planters and statues, and search for something more unique. Using a piece with an interesting design can really bring your personality to your garden. Salvaged stone pieces from mantels, decorative walls, columns, and other elements can really make your garden a unique and interesting place to relax or have friends over.


Here a salvaged garden stone makes a centerpiece in this garden

Here a salvaged garden stone makes a centerpiece in this garden

For larger gardens, consider breaking up the space with an interesting element like a piece of stained glass, or an antique chandelier draped in glass beads. No only will elements like these look interesting, the light shining through and reflecting off of them will create beautiful patterns and colors that will really help your garden stand out. Use a bit of a strong, antique chain to hang these elements securely from a tree, arbor, or trellis. If you prefer the look of wood to glass, an antique window frame with the pane of glass removed can make an excellent hanging planter and define the space in a similar way.

A salvaged window makes a great garden element

A salvaged window makes a great garden element

Using salvaged or antique items in your garden can be a wonderful way to set your garden oasis, and your home apart from the others in your neighborhood. Using pieces that are unique and different is a great way to create a space that shows off your style and personality, while giving you a wonderful place to relax and get away from it all.

With the help of Olde Good Things, you can easily transform your backyard into a hideaway just for your enjoyment, or a mindblowing entertainment space that you and your family and friends can enjoy.

Recent Reclamation: Terra Cotta Dreams!

Two sided separation wall--stacked terra cotta pieces meant to draw the eye

Two sided separation wall–stacked terra cotta pieces meant to draw the eye

You know Olde Good Things is the #1 name in architectural salvage, and you know we take our work providing new homes for old items seriously, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that we’ve outdone ourselves with our latest acquisition.

This terra cotta wall once stood as the exterior accent wall of a forgotten NYC building. Because only the outward sides of the pieces were exposed to the elements, these pieces can be reused as interior wall décor, or as accent pieces in a garden. Imagine, you can create a peaceful oasis in your own yard using a material known to be used in ancient China.

This wall acted as a separation wall, but did more than that—it caught the eye, and eventually the hearts of OGT salvage professionals. The wall was exposed on both sides, so the amount of wear is even, but it adds a sense of timelessness that only terra cotta can evoke.


Salvagers take their work seriously, but they still smile!

Salvagers take their work seriously, but they still smile!

7-1/2 in. x 7-1/2 in. x 5-1/8 in.

7-1/2 in. x 7-1/2 in. x 5-1/8 in.









Each one of the 600 pieces of were painstakingly removed, carefully transported to our store, and are now ready for you to take and create beautiful designs of your own using pieces of NYC history.

600 pieces were removed from this wall

Each piece measures 7-1/2 in. x 7-1/2 in. x 5-1/8 in., and can be used in many different applications—interiors, exteriors, home, and office.

Stop by your nearest Olde Good Things showroom to learn more about these charming historical pieces.

Cherub Angel Relief Now Available

Terracotta frieze reclaimed from Baltimore building

Terracotta frieze reclaimed from Baltimore building

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and Cupid fresh on our minds, OGT is offering something a little special for our customers.

This salvaged multi-piece poly-chrome terracotta cherub frieze was one of twelve that were carefully removed, pieced back together, and restored to their original, incredible glory.

Reclaimed from the facade of a demolished building in Baltimore, Maryland, this cherub frieze was salvaged early on by Olde Good Things. Purchased years ago, this piece is now back on the market, looking for a new place to call home, a new place to brighten and beautify.

Here it is pictured on display at one of many outdoor markets that Olde Good Things attends.


As seen on original building

The architecturologists at work with careful removal








This piece would be a perfect ground mosaic in a garden, or a wall mosaic in a home or restaurant.

This one was built into an entryway foyer

If you’d like to learn more about the history of this piece, or if you’d like to see what else Olde Good Things has in it’s expanding inventory, contact us.

Salvaging Angels: Guardian Architecturologists

Opposing angels kneel gracefully above the entryway of this 100 year old church

Opposing angels kneel gracefully above the entryway of this 100 year old church

Many of the old churches in NEPA have withstood the test of time, the elements, and urban sprawl.

Most of the remaining churches are home to some of the most beautiful religious iconography in the country, including twin Guardian Angels; serene, ethereal, and posed for prayer while gracing the ledge of this church like the pearls in a crown.

These two white marble angels were once an eye catching call to worship, and now they are gracing the inventory of our Scranton warehouse. The angels were carefully dismantled, lowered from their lofty perches, and are now made available for a new home.

If you’d like to learn more about these exquisitely carved statuary marble statues, and how they can become yours, contact us. Or, if you’d like to take a look at these angels yourself, please visit our Scranton warehouse. Our online inventory is a great place to search through our collection of other items salvaged from churches, warehouses, factories, barns, and restaurants.

Dimensions are approximately 40 in. deep x 25 in. wide x 67 in. high each.

Hand-carved 100 year old kneeling angel gently lowered from above the high entryway

Hand-carved 100 year old kneeling angel gently lowered from above the high entryway


The architecturologist is glad for his latest retrieval

The architecturologist is glad for his latest retrieval

Ready to get transported to our Scranton warehouse









These pictures depict the detail on the condition of the statues. Other than these damages, the angels are absolutely beautiful unique pieces.


Olde Good Things