Altered Antiques


Olde Good Things is an architectural salvage company dedicated to discovering vintage finds long left to rust and rot in old historical houses, abandoned factories, and run-down barns. Once found, we take these architectural pieces and materials and repurpose, rebuild, and reuse materials into handmade, handcrafted items perfect for any home. At Olde Good Things, we refer to our repurposed antiques as our Altered Antiques line. Altered Antiques offers a glimpse into history with a nod toward modern living. Pieces are transformed into beautiful statement pieces for kitchens, dining rooms, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, home exteriors, and even gardens.

What others consider old, broken junk, we regard as hidden jewels that need only a bit of love and care to be brought to their full potential. We treasure hunt and upcycle from historic hotels, rustic barns, industrial warehouses and vintage shops in order to create a most unique piece of Architectural Antique. From tables built using reclaimed barn wood, to angel statues salvaged from demolished churches, you’ll find the perfect piece of furniture or home decor to fit your home design. The custom craftsmanship of our vintage finds holds up to the interior design of your home as well as out! Our Altered Antiques line features a plethora of design aesthetics for your apartment therapy that includes, but is not limited to: industrial, rustic, gothic, vintage, nautical, country, rustic chic, farm, modern and mid century.

Altered antiques and repurposed antiques are just the tip of the iceberg. Want to see inside our treasure trove of amazing items? Visit one of our warehouses, or click on the applicable category.