Scranton, Pennsylvania


National Warehouse

400 Gilligan Street
Scranton PA 18508
Monday - Saturday 9am - 5:30pm
Sunday 10am - 5:30pm

IMG_0068 (Custom)

Brook Street

300 Brook Street
Scranton PA 18505
Appointment only



Both of our immense warehouses in Scranton, Pennsylvania, are chock-full of olde good things.

Our original warehouse at 400 Gilligan Street opened in 1998. It is located near Valor Field AT Veterans Memorial stadium. This enormous building is where most of the repurposing action happens. Here we take original architectural salvage that would otherwise be scrapped and thrown in the trash pile and bend and shape it into something new. Our custom pieces include wood fabricated into fine custom furniture, mirrors framed with repurposed metal and wood, and our signature altered antiques spliced together with the finest fragments of historical architecture. There is plenty to see at Gilligan Street. You can get a sense of its magnificence by viewing the video tour.

In 2011, Olde Good Things purchased the six-story Capital Records building between Cedar Avenue and the Lackawanna River. We repurposed the building into an amazing warehouse stocked beyond the imagination with furniture, architectural antiques, reclaimed mechanical items, industrial artifacts, hardware, lighting, and pretty much whatever the heart desires in architectural salvage. The warehouse at 300 Brook Street is shown by appointment only.



Take the video tour of our national warehouse located in Scranton, Pa. 200,000 square feet architectural & antique heaven.