Marble Slabs


Considered a durable and beautiful material, marble is highly sought-after in home and commercial building design. Old Good Things’ reclamation team has sourced various antique marble slabs for use in restoration projects.

A popular material for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, marble is unique and offers untapped design potential. Olde Good Things is proud to offer a constantly changing range of antique marble slabs in various colors and finishes.

Modern marble is simpler and slicker while vintage marble tends to offer more opulent marbling and ornate colors. Olde Good Things’ salvaged marble slabs also come with a story of their own. Whether it has come from an office block in central New York city or been reclaimed from an apartment in Tennessee, it’s unique.

Because our inventory fluctuates we encourage you to browse our vintage marble slabs regularly or contact us directly if you have specific size or color requirements.