Nautical Lighting


There is something powerful and tranquil about the sea that us mere mortals can’t grasp or control.  It holds great interest to many and has led some to be collectors of nautical items. Through our architectural salvage work, Olde Good Things has had the good fortune to recover and acquire impressive nautical pieces, including nautical lighting, vintage anchors, antique moorings, bells, furniture, chains, and dock bollards. Many of our nautical treasures were excavated from the Staten Island Ferry, Walter Keane. If your decorative tastes are as deep and salty as the ocean, perhaps you should visit us for décor pieces or pieces you can repurpose into practical yet beautiful furniture creations.  In addition to all of these popular lighting options, Olde Good Things also offers many other unique lighting choices such as candelabras, theater lights, lanterns, and more. Please look through the lighting section of our website to learn more about the lights and lighting options available at Olde Good Things.