Our collection of applique is mostly imported from Belgium and is gilded gold. We also have a small assortment of French applique as well. Appliques are many times just a beautifully detailed bronze or brass piece that is used to accent furniture legs, backs or used above doorways or even just hung on a wall to draw attention to the beauty of the piece itself. Sometimes creating an antique look isn’t about having one large old-fashioned conversation piece. Sometimes capturing the look and feel of history is about selecting the right details—the small things can sometimes transform an ordinary room into a masterpiece. At Olde Good Things, we understand that architectural salvage is about the little artifacts as well as the big ones because these are high-impact pieces of hardware. For example, Olde Good Things carries a number of antique doorknobs and handles, antique door rosettes, old-fashioned backplates, vintage knockers and doorbells, old-fashioned hinges and doorpulls, and antique furniture hardware. We also offer replica hardware. So if you are looking for the perfect finishing touch for your antique door or a little architectural artifact that says a lot, look no further than Olde Good Things.