Mirrors & Tin Creations


Olde Good Things is proud to offer a wide range of mirrors and tin creations. We have large quantities of excellent quality antique tin framed mirrors for your commercial or residential restoration projects. Olde Good Things has become well known for our range of tin-framed antique mirrors and our collection just keeps growing.

Our current inventory includes tin designs such as circle leaf, curved squares, diamond tulip, snowflake, big diamond flowers and fish in Rustic and Industrial styles.

Our popular mirror and tin collection is currently available in brown, green, white, multi-color, tan, blue, gray and red. We currently hold stock of works by artists Adams Merrow and Mladen Novak, in copper, verdigris and antique brass finishes.

Use our online search filter to find what you’re looking for by color or size, or contact us directly with mirror or tin requirements and we will check stock availability at all of our warehouses.