Door Hardware


The door is more than just an entryway. It can also be a piece of art work on display where everyone can see it. With the antique door hardware Olde Good Things has in stock, you can rest assured that your door is a show piece worthy of a second glance. We have Arts and Crafts door pulls, many varieties of glass doorknobs in different styles, Eastlake and Victorian hardware from the late 1800’s, collector quality door knobs and back plates, brass hinges, ornate brass keyhole covers, and hand-smithed iron door pulls that have history and beauty hammered into every inch. Doors can be works of art, especially when adorned with antique door hardware salvaged by ‘The Architecturologists’. We have many one of a kind exterior doorknob sets that make a statement that will set you apart from the Jones. Let us supply you with what you need to restore your antique door to its original condition.