In many ways, the sink is the centerpiece of your bathroom. It is often the first furnishing people notice and the one used most often by guests. When you want a beautiful antique bathroom, there is no better place to start than with the bathroom sink. At Olde Good Things, we know that restored pedestal sinks are one of the items customers most often request when looking for a dramatic impact and classic, historic style. That’s why we offer so many options in bathroom sinks and especially in pedestal sinks. Whether you are looking for vintage porcelain, earthenware, china, or enamel, we have the sink for you. We even offer a unique “George Jetson” sink as well as a crane sink that’s sure to please you and your guests alike. Down to the finer details like porcelain spouts and antique faucets, Olde Good Things considers restoration and salvage to be art forms. That’s why all of our antique sinks are in perfect condition—so you can create your perfect bath. No antique style bathroom would be complete without the proper vintage hardware. But, at Olde Good Things, an old-fashioned toilet doesn’t have to be something with less functionality as the price for beauty. In fact, through our architectural salvage, we offer some of the finest and most aesthetically-pleasing toilets around. From porcelain toilets to antique faucets and handles, we offer old-fashioned style with modern convenience. Don’t leave hardware and toilets out when renovating your bath. Choose Olde Good Things for olde good toilets! Like the pedestal sink, the claw foot bathtub is a frequent image associated with the historic style of the antique bathroom. At Olde Good Things, we offer a number of beautiful antique bathtubs from real historic buildings. We offer cast iron tubs, unique center drain bathtubs, porcelain claw-foot tubs, and antique marble bathtubs. Whether you are interested in a claw-footed bathtub or a center drain tub, Olde Good Things has more authentic options than most anyone else.