They definitely don’t make things like they used to, and Olde Good Things’ selection of vintage moldings for doors, windows and walls, adds unique character and style to your next restoration project, while standing the test of time.

Our current inventory includes Classic, Victorian and Gothic moldings in various wood types, marble, mirror and glass. These statement pieces are ideal for trimming windows, doors and walls, and combine well with both modern and antique décor.

Our vintage moldings are durable and well made, and have been reclaimed from different parts of the world by our team that specializes in turn of the century and pre-war era artifacts. Because our inventory fluctuates we encourage you to browse our collection of vintage moldings regularly, or let us know if you have specific size requirements.

Whether you seek a structural piece or something more ornamental Olde Good Things has the widest selection of salvaged moldings for your home or commercial property.