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Latest Arrival – Salvaged Milk Bottles Handsilvered to Make a Great Look

It’s that time again.

…A time to transform your home into something festive, but not at all tacky, and this holiday season OGT will be your best friend.

First up we have hand-silvered old milk bottles.

Great holiday idea... hand-silvered vintage milk bottles

Great holiday idea… hand-silvered vintage milk bottles

Foraging for goodies in an old Brooklyn dairy, we found a batch of beautiful bottles made in 1954. Looking closely at the glass, a few, inscribed with Forest Lake Dairy, have a gorgeous pink hue.

Old salvaged milk bottles available at Olde Good Things

Old salvaged milk bottles available at Olde Good Things

For all of them, the shape is what sets them apart. A design first patented in the early 1900s, there is a bulb at the top of the bottle, a visually quirky and entirely practical addition designed to collect the cream as it separated from the milk.

Clear milk bottles are available alsoThe patent for cream top bottles was first assigned to the Cream Top Bottle Corporation in 1925, and the size of the bulb was typically one fifth of the entire bottle. Apparently there was a bit of science that went into this ratio. The Cream Top Bottle Corporation stated that “milk with 3.5% butterfat test was sufficient to fill the cream bulb with cream and the separated cream would be 22 to 27% butter fat.“

Cream Top milk bottles were sold at a similar price as the conventional ones however the dairyman had to pay an annual licensing fee to the Cream Top Bottle Corporation. In exchange, the Cream Top Bottle Corporation would give the dairyman exclusive rights in his territory to sell milk in Cream Top bottles.

The Cream Top Bottle Corporation claimed many advantages for their bottles.  Since they were only allowed to be used by one dairy in a given territory, they were easily identified and difficult for other dealers to steal and use.  The Corporation also claimed that their bottles would experience less breakage due to their design AND that this unique design would discourage consumers from keeping bottles for preserving foods (a common problem with regular milk bottles) or storing other liquids.

Advantages or not… in 1933 the annual licensing fee was challenged in court and not upheld, opening the door for more manufacturers and designs to follow (i.e. the MODERN top milk bottle and the baby top milk bottle).

The bottles we found are not only Cream top milk bottles, but “space-saving,” due to their square shape. While the manufacturer is not listed, we know Lamb Glass Company was making square bottles during this time.

We loved the shape and the story and true to Olde Good Things style, we wanted to add another layer.


Our warehouse in Scranton is home to some truly talented craftsmen. Some make tables, some make tin mirrors and some use the old world way to silver antique glass by hand (more on that process to come!).

Hand silvered 1950s milk jugs

After a few weeks in the warehouse… VOILA! Something old and something new; A timeless piece perfect as personal décor or glorious gift. These beautiful bottles can be found online or in any of our stores. To inquire or purchase click here!


Open Your Doors and Invite Creativity In

Because Olde Good Things has so many stores and such great warehouse space we often find that we are salvaging tons of the same types of things just because they’re neat and need to have a new home. One of those much salvaged objects is the door. There are so many old Victorian homes, old industrial buildings, and old office and apartment buildings that have incredible doors that we just couldn’t let them go to the mulcher! We had to save them! So we did. The problem is that now we are up to our eyeballs in salvaged doors that need to find a new home with our loyal and tasteful readers.


Entire entry door set salvaged from this Victorian Home

Seen here at our warehouse








If you’re wondering, “I already have doors in my house, why would I want more”, you should consider that you can be as creative as you wish with these doors. They can be refinished and repurposed into something totally new. Let the doors of your mind fly open, greet creativity on the threshold and…tops. Because they are long and typically pretty thick, you can design and affix legs to the flat surface of the door, and refinish and paint the door a natural wood color, or go all out and paint it to match your favorite centerpiece. You can also make a salvaged door into a coffee table.

Invite it to dine

Don’t forget that when you have a table, you should also have a place to sit! Narrow solid closet doors can be re-purposed into benches. You can either leave them as they are, or design pillowed cushions to glue on top.You can use an old door with transom to make a built in for your dining area.

Bifold doors and arched transom used for a built-in cabinet

Bifold doors and arched transom used for a built-in cabinet

Invite to rest

If you’re remodeling or redesigning your bedroom spaces, you should consider using salvaged doors as head boards and foot boards for your bed. Solid or French doors can make an incredibly eye catching headboard when place directly behind the head of the bed.

Old French door from Olde Good Things converted into a cool headboard

Old French door from Olde Good Things converted into a cool headboard

It’s recommended that your screw or nail the doors to the wall for safety. Your door headboards can be left as they were found for a vintage look, or they can be refinished and painted as an accent to put the finishing touches on your bedroom oasis.

Invite it to marvel

Neat painted door – picture found on Pinterest

Salvaged doors can also serve as a blank canvas on which your imagination can truly take flight.  Artists can take a single or dual panel solid door and paint a masterpiece upon it, which they can then hang upon a wall. A floral pattern to bring life to a living room, a geometric design to bring striking colors and shapes to a hallway or entry way, or an entire panoramic painting of the Smokey Mountains – be as creative as you want to be in order to create the space you want using salvaged doors.

These are just a few of the ideas we came up with. Do you have any great ideas you’d like to share of ways that you’ve reused and repurposed salvaged doors? Check out our large selection of salvaged doors at one of our store locations, or come by and rummage through our warehouse in Scranton. We’d love to have you, and we’d love you to love our collection of old doors.

Cherub Angel Relief Now Available

Terracotta frieze reclaimed from Baltimore building

Terracotta frieze reclaimed from Baltimore building

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and Cupid fresh on our minds, OGT is offering something a little special for our customers.

This salvaged multi-piece poly-chrome terracotta cherub frieze was one of twelve that were carefully removed, pieced back together, and restored to their original, incredible glory.

Reclaimed from the facade of a demolished building in Baltimore, Maryland, this cherub frieze was salvaged early on by Olde Good Things. Purchased years ago, this piece is now back on the market, looking for a new place to call home, a new place to brighten and beautify.

Here it is pictured on display at one of many outdoor markets that Olde Good Things attends.


As seen on original building

The architecturologists at work with careful removal








This piece would be a perfect ground mosaic in a garden, or a wall mosaic in a home or restaurant.

This one was built into an entryway foyer

If you’d like to learn more about the history of this piece, or if you’d like to see what else Olde Good Things has in it’s expanding inventory, contact us.

Beat the Cold of Winter In Style: Beautiful Stone Fireplace Mantels

From late October until the first blooms emerge in spring, the winter months pummel us with ice, freezing winds, and frigid temperatures that keep us locked indoors where it’s warm and cozy. Staying warm and cozy when the winter nights get nippy requires a lot of electric or gas heat, but why mess with those when you can throw a few logs on the fire; get warm, get cozy, get creative? If your home has a fireplace, but that fireplace could use a face lift, you’ve come to the right blog.

With the holidays right around the corner and winter approaching fast on its heels, it’s time to update the fireplace so that when the embers are burning hot, your home décor is looking cool. Olde Good Things has had the honor of salvaging dozens of fireplace mantels and surrounds. These architectural masterpieces were carefully taken from old homes and commercial spaces and provided a temporary home in one of our warehouses. You can provide one of the following stone mantels and surrounds with a permanent home this winter.

This gorgeous green tiled Arts & Crafts style fireplace mantel and surround was salvaged from a home in NJ. The simple green tiles provide a taste of decorative flair and the Corinthian columns provide a sense of history that brings the whole piece to life. This mantel is perfect in homes where warm and cozy meet solid and simple.

Dutch tile fireplace mantel by Royal Tichelaar Makkum

Words cannot describe this piece… so, we will pull the words straight from the description on the site: “This is a fairly new mantel made the old way by the Royal Tickelaar of Makkum, the oldest pottery and tile company in the Netherlands.” “…made of Frisian clay and are entirely hand painted.” “There is a lovely floral mosaic on the top, surrounded by individual Dutch scenic tiles. The lower part of the mantel has theme tiles of musicians, children playing and floral tiles.” Breathtaking in detail and perfect for the home in need of something traditional yet unique.

Stone fireplace surround mantel

Last, but certainly not least, is this simply stunning carved limestone fireplace surround and mantel. Fashioned in detail to mimic an English Tudor style fireplace it offers its owners a whisper of the antique with a gasp of modern awe.

Olde Good Things is confident that when the winter freeze begins to blanket the world in snow and ice, you’ll be blanketed in warmth and beauty when seated snugly before one of our salvaged fireplaces.

Brilliant Holiday Gift Ideas from the Elves at Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things has spent the last year seeking out, salvaging, and repurposing antique and vintage materials, furniture, and other wonderful things. Many of the things we’ve uncovered have found homes with our faithful and delighted customers. Unfortunately, many of the things we’ve found are still waiting in our warehouse and stores to go to that one home where they will be loved and cherished. This holiday season why not give one or two of these items a forever home? Do you have difficulty thinking up gift ideas for that special someone? If you want to find that perfect holiday gift for the family member who has special tastes, you need to consider one of these following items as a brilliant gift.

French marble urn with bronze mounts & appliquesThis French urn is a breathtaking piece of antique art. Fashioned from marble and caressed with gold accents, this is the perfect holiday gift for the art lover in your life. While it is an old piece, it is only on sale for a short time. Linda Cook lithographThis gorgeous purple hued masterpiece is an original Linda Cook lithograph (1993) entitled, “Lavender Provence.” This is a gift that keeps on giving; it will be the centerpiece of many holiday conversations. This item is on sale just in time for the intrepid holiday shopper. Oohs and aahs included.

The holidays shouldn’t be fraught with frustrations; they should be filled with happy shoppers and even happier gift recipients. Shop happy and make happy memories when you shop at one of our locations. We at Olde Good Things want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Olde Good Things