Large Bronze Architectural Plaque from New York City


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From the National American Building, formerly located at 340 Madison Avenue, New York City. This building was constructed in 1927 and was designed by the renowned architect Joseph H. Freedlander, who won the Fifth Avenue Association’s first prize for new building construction for 1927. Even though it was a commercial building, in ‘American Architect’ magazine dated May 20, 1928, the following quote sums up Mr. Freedlander’s attitude in adding such a piece to this building: ‘To presume that a building to be devoted to business purposes must be ugly and entirely lacking in refinement, as do so many people, is not only a rebuke to architectural art but carries with it a disgrace to the business which the building houses.’ This bronze relief shows the essence of business and industry while keeping with Mr. Freedlander’s philosophy of ‘beauty in architecture’. The fine details are astounding, and the natural green patina completes the authenticity of this plaque and makes it a fine addition to any building.


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