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Hardware House Party: Late Victorian Hardware Sets for Your Home

As a fashionable Victorian, one way to demonstrate your good taste and wealth was to decorate your doors with ornate, eye-catching hardware. Homeowners would purchase matching sets in elaborate styles from manufacturers like Adams & Westlake, Russell & Erwin, Corbin, or Sargent.  The sets would include dramatic entry knobs for the front door, matching smaller knobs for the interior first floor doors, and complementary backplates. (Second floor doors, less visible to visiting friends and neighbors, often featured simpler, less expensive knobs in white or black porcelain).

Whether you are restoring a Victorian house or just adding some antique flair to a modern home, you can recreate this coordinated look with our Olde Good Things hardware inventory. While some of our other antique doorknobs are only available in single or small quantities, we have extensive stock in these classic styles. Put an order in through our web store, or contact us for assistance assembling a house set.


This Corbin design series, dated ca. 1890, features the beloved Fanciful Beast surrounded by radiant swirls. Our Empire collection includes several knobs, backplates, and door sets.

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Corbin released this vernacular design series a few years later, ca. 1895 (and it was still included in their 1905 catalog). There are two different types of Ceylon knobs, both in wrought bronze – a three-fold design and an arched design, both asymmetrical. Our Ceylon inventory includes both knob designs as well as accompanying backplates and door sets.

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This is another vernacular series by Corbin, released in ca. 1895 (and also included in their 1905 catalog). Roanoke wrought bronze knobs feature a central dome framed by feather-like swirls, but the style is most recognizable in its dramatic, whirling backplates. Our Roanoke collection includes knobs, backplates, door sets, sash lifts, and pocket door plates.

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Reading manufactured this Italian Renaissance-inspired series beginning in 1897. Two types of knobs are available: a horizontal design with a subtle appearance by a fox, and an eight-fold symmetric design with foliage. Our Columbian inventory includes knobs, backplates, and door sets.

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Also known as Eulalia, this Rococo style was produced by Reading beginning in 1898. These knobs have a central floral design and a textured surround. Our Americus collection includes knobs, backplates, door sets, and an ornate door pull.

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