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A Piece of Paris History: Repurposing Vintage Street Lights

Paris Holophane Globe StreetlightAn ancient and historic city, Paris is the sparkling central gem in the crown of Europe. Known to all as the City of Lights, Paris is a criss-crossing capitol comprised of smaller cities joined together by their love of fine food, joy, and the passion one finds around every corner.

For many years, along the winding footpaths and cobblestone alleyways and narrow paved streets, Parisians and tourists could see the sights and explore the intimate nooks and crannies of the city; their way lit by large globe street lights.

Today, with the crucial need for bright lights and cost-effective infrastructure, Paris has replaced many of their antique and vintage street lights with new LED bulbs.

Though need has outweighed history, Paris knew it couldn’t just dispose of their old lights —no, they knew these beautiful, classic holophane lamps could be owned and loved by those who adore the city as much as they do.

Original street lamp pictured here in Paris

Original street lamp pictured here in Paris

Olde Good Things has just acquired a limited supply of these fantastic holophane globes, ready to be transformed into great contemporary lighting for either a residential or commercial application. These globe lamps are available with a steel pole or with a chain for use as a large pendant light.

Holophane Paris street lamp pictured with a chainHolophane Paris street lamp pictured with a steel pole

These globes can be simply repurposed as light fixtures and glimmering conversation pieces, in your kitchen over your central island, or in your dining room over your table. Imagine enjoying a meal with those you love while the light of Paris shines down upon you. Not only that, these antique lamps would be spectacular lighting pieces for screened-in porches, outdoor entertainment spaces, or shining, shimmering ballrooms! With these genuine architectural historical pieces, the sky’s the limit!

These are wonderful for adding flair to residential homes or businesses

Bring a piece of the City of Lights into your home or office, and create an atmosphere of Parisian charm with the flick of a switch.

To own your very own piece of Parisian history, contact the customer service professionals at Olde Good Things, and be sure to peruse our online inventory for other gorgeous light fixtures.


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