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How to Choose the Best Size Mirror

Sometimes choosing the best proportionate mirror for your space can be challenging. There are no wrong sizes when choosing your mirror, but if you need tips and help on where to begin, this article will definitely get you on the right track.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

The standard bathroom vanity sizes are 24 in., 30 in., 36 in. and 48 in. wide for single sink vanities and 60 in. or 72. in for double sink vanities. Standard bathroom vanity heights are 32 and 36 in. The standard bathroom vanity depth is 21 in.

As a general rule, a vanity mirror should measure several inches fewer than your vanity sink area. For example a 30 in. wide vanity should be paired with a 26-28 in. wide mirror. As far as the height, it depends on your ceiling height and your personal eye level. Standard vanity mirror are usually 28-34 in. high.

• Hang the mirror 5 in. to 10 in. above the sink.
• Hang the mirror a few inches above the highest part of the faucet.
• Center the mirror in between the vanity lighting and the sink.

Full Length Dressing Mirror

In order to show a reflection of your entire body from a distance, a full length mirror must be at least one half as long as your height. For example, if you are 64 inches tall, the full length mirror must be at least 32 inches long, or you will only see part of yourself in the reflection. If you choose to lean a mirror against the wall, standard sizes generally start at 64 in. high.

Standard Full Length wall hanging sizes are 36 in., 40 in. and 48 in. H.
Leaning Floor Mirror sizes are 64 in., 70 in., 76 in. and 83 in. H.

Accent, Console or Couch Mirror

To choose the best width for an accent mirror, estimate between 50- to 75-percent of the width over an accent table, console, or couch. Accent tables are generally between 30 to 36 in. high. Mirrors should be approximately the same height but can be six inches taller or shorter. To estimate the total exact proportionate width of the table calculate width x 0.625 = the perfect width mirror for the table, console, or couch.


  • Rooms with high ceilings look stunning with extra tall mirrors.
  • There are no absolutes in design, but a good rule of thumb is to leave at least 1 foot above and below your mirror installation.
  • For furniture less than 30 inches high, hang the mirror as close to eye level as possible, which ranges from 57 to 65 inches from the center of the mirror to the floor. Go slightly lower than this when hanging a mirror over a buffet console in a dining room. Because people are mostly sitting in this type of space, the natural eye level is lower.

Mantel Mirror

When choosing the size of the mantel mirror or even works of art, use the natural line of the mantel as a guide.  The opening of the mantel and vertical side supports of your mantel are the ranges you want to aim for. The mantel is below 50 in. wide, and its natural lines are 46 in. & 32 in. wide.  You generally want to stay around those sizes if you desire a well proportioned mantel mirror.


  • Arch mirrors with flat bottoms are usually hung flush with the mantel.
  • A mantel mirror is usually hung up to 6 in. above the mantel.

5 Most Interesting Items at OGT Union Square

History of Union Square Park

On July 19, 1839, New York City’s Union Square Park opened to the public. Here’s a fun fact about this upcoming national holiday: on September 5, 1882, Union Square Park played a central role in the first Labor Day celebration, when a crowd of 10,000 labor workers paraded up Broadway and then past reviewing stands at Union Square. As the procession passed the stand, Robert Price of Lonaconing, Maryland said to Richard Griffiths, the General Worthy Foreman of the Knights of Labor, “This is Labor Day in earnest, Uncle Dick.” On June 28, 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed the legislation which made Labor Day a national holiday. In 1997 the U.S. Department of Interior designated Union Square Park as a National Historic Landmark because of its significance in American labor history. So if you’re looking for somewhere to go on September 2, you could always visit right where it all started.

Union Park New York (East side) (NYPL b13476046-EM11347)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Union Park New York (East side) (NYPL b13476046-EM11347).jpg


In 1928-29, Union Square was nearly demolished to build the underground course for the subway. Since then, the Square has gone through many renovations. Since 1976, the Union Square Greenmarket has served fresh food and plants to the local community on the north side of the park.

Olde Good Things – Union Square

Around the corner from the Square on 16th St. in May of 2009, Olde Good Things – Union Square opened its doors. It features a main ground floor, mezzanine and a basement full of antique & architectural finds. When you walk in, you will notice its original mosaic tile floor at your feet and a ceiling covered with chandeliers above your head.


Throughout its 10 years in business, this location has housed Olde Good Thing’s most valuable, interesting finds. This location is now known for its abundance of antique hardware and very high end lighting. Our current store manager Jim D. has handpicked the Top 5 Most Interesting items that are currently in the store. These items can be viewed online, or if you’re in New York City, stop by for a look in person. Be sure to check out the gallery of newest items NOT online yet at the very bottom. If you have any questions regarding those items, call the store directly at 212-989-8814.

Top 5 Most Interesting Items


1. Theater Auditorium Seats from the Great Hall Cooper Union

The Great Hall of The Cooper Union has stood for more than a century as a bastion of free speech and a witness to the flow of American history and ideas. When the hall opened in 1858, more than a year in advance of the completion of the institution, it quickly became a mecca for all interested in serious discussions and debates of the vital issues of the day. View Online


2. Handmade Walnut & Black Steel Modern Shelf

Handmade shelving unit by the artisans at Olde Good Things. We built these shelves using sustainable wood materials and angle iron. View Online


3. Pair of Antique Iron Elevator Doors

View Online


4. Palace Hotel Lobby Crystal & Bronze Empire Style Chandelier

Originally from the Palace Hotel in NYC, this wonderful large gilt bronze and crystal beaded chandelier has been completely restored. View Online


5. 1870s Victorian Gilt Wood Figural Mirror with Matching Marble Top Table

View Online


New Inventory Not Online


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  2. Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Square,_Manhattan
Olde Good Things