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How To Buy Old Doors Online

Doors salvaged from historic architecture will add a stunning statement piece to any home or business. Many architects and planners agree that choosing salvaged wood is the only sustainable choice for building and renovation projects when the amount of construction wood waste increases exponentially every year with the increase in the world’s population.

According to Environmental Protection Agency statistics, 2.9 million tons of waste wood was combusted in 2017. Landfills received 12.1 million tons of wood. This was 8.7 percent of all waste landfilled that year. A Guardian article reported that the demolishing and remodeling of homes results in the equivalent of 250,000 single-family homes ending up in landfills or incinerated annually. This is wood sourced from forests, as well as wood from older homes.

The wastefulness of using only new wood products and trashing the old is multiplied when you consider the value of salvaged wood. Homes built at least 50 years ago were constructed with wood sourced from first growth forests, resulting in a sturdier, denser, and altogether higher quality wood product.

Determine Door Size

You really can’t go wrong aesthetically when you go with antique salvaged wood doors. But, there are a number of factors to consider when you order salvaged wood doors online.

First, you will need to obtain the dimensions before you start searching and ordering wood doors online. Measure the width and height of the old door rounded to full inches. Next, measure the door jamb from the backside of the interior trim to the backside of the exterior trim to obtain your depth measurement. Ordering doors by the specific jamb width will ensure that your new salvaged doors fit flush with the trim. Otherwise, you will need jamb extensions.

Take a measurement of the masonry opening. You might need to remove the trim to get this measurement. Measure from one exterior casing to another, and from the bottom of the sill to the top of the trim for height. If the salvaged wood doors you choose do not fit the measurements, including the trim, adjustments in the trim will need to be made. Gaps may be filled with decorative molding or strips of wood. The process can turn into a project requiring additional time and money but, depending on your preferred doors, the finished product will be a work of art you can take pride in. Just be aware of the time and costs that will need to be invested. It is important to order your doors with all specifications firmly in hand to ensure you get a fitted, weatherproof finished product.

Condition of the Door

When you select your salvaged wood online, make sure to request condition pictures from the supplier, including any damage, color variations, or abnormalities. Salvaged doors are often salvaged in a lot, and only one photo is shown to represent what you are getting.

Another important factor when inquiring about the condition of salvaged wood doors is knowing if the doors will require stripping, painting, or restaining. Our in-house shop does not offer stripping services. Stripping services, unless you choose to do it yourself, should be included in the overall cost, as should painting, staining, or any extra rehabilitation. Olde Good Things is here to advise you in these processes, should you choose the do-it-yourself method. Here are some tips on painting and staining your salvaged doors: How To Prepare and Paint or Stain Old Doors

Descriptions of doors for sale online may include terms like “lite” or “panel.” Lite wood doors mean you can expect glass frames in the doors. Doors with glass frames can be a lovely accent, but make sure to ask the seller if the glass is included or if you will need to replace the glass panes. Glass breakage is also a consideration. Panel wood doors are doors inlaid with wood.

Antique Hardware

One more consideration when researching your salvaged doors online: make sure you get a clear idea of the hardware that is still attached and what will be needed. Will the doorknobs need to be replaced? Do you need to buy hinges separately? Olde Good Things has a wide selection of hardware for your antique and salvaged doors, including hinges, door knockers, door knob sets, and door pulls. Our gallery includes a variety of styles, such as Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Colonial, and Victorian. After you purchase your door(s), you can ask our hardware department to offer options for replacing any missing hardware. We’ll make sure that the hardware fits your door properly before it is shipped out. If you have a specific type you are trying to match, this article is a great resource to get started: Match Your Antique Hardware at Olde Good Things

Shipping Costs

To avoid weighty shipping costs associated with buying salvaged wood doors online, research suppliers in your local area. Doors generally weigh between 50 to 200 pounds. For an average door, freight shipping typically costs around $275, but heavier doors can have higher shipping costs. Olde Good Things offers cost-efficient delivery in many areas of the US.


Doing your research when buying anything, including salvaged wood or salvaged doors, online will save money, time, and dissatisfaction with the product. Contact us today to see what salvaged doors and door hardware we have available.

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