Walnut Dining Table


Walnut Dining Table

Solid Walnut Dining Tables Create a Solid Look

When searching for a fine heirloom quality dining table or coffee table many customers turn to American Black Walnut to fabricate their walnut dining table. North American Black Walnut is the only dark, native North American wood that grows abundantly right here in the United States. It is a very durable wood and is used ofte¬n in many high-use products such as gun stocks, musical instruments, cabinetry, flooring and of course furniture.

Solid Walnut Dining Tables

Walnut Dining Table for a Stunning Heirloom

As such, utilizing walnut wood for a dining room table ensures your walnut dining table will last for a life time. Walnut is straight-grained with medium-sized pores throughout and larger pores at the edge of its growth rings. Naturally rich in tone and color, walnut wood is a visually stunning and does not require staining, although it also takes stain beautifully if your preference is for a dark toned walnut table.

Walnut Dining Table - Solid

The Best Walnut Table from the Best Materials

Our solid walnut dining tables are different in nature than our antique reclaimed pine tables, as the wood is new wood and not reclaimed from old buildings. We continue to stand by our reputation as conservationists as we use only trees that have naturally fallen. We search high and low to find beautiful logs in long lengths and wide widths, which ensures that they are old growth. We have these logs professionally cut and then stickered for drying at our Pennsylvania warehouse. We also kiln dry our slabs of wood prior to fabrication to ensure that the finished product will not crack or twist due to high water content. You can also have a black walnut table crafted out of black walnut boards. This stunning cousin to the walnut table is also a beautiful piece of furniture.

Walnut Table

Solid Walnut Dining Tables Take Your Breath Away

Since some of these logs are quite large, we can provide a single slab of wood to make a table top. We also can make a more conventional style table top from several boards glued together with a straight edge or book-matched pieces from one log with a living or organic edge. So, we can provide a live-edge, or straight edge walnut dining table depending on your preference. Many stains are available as well, the most popular being dark walnut and natural. We also have a variety of base options from wooden to sleek brushed steel to cast iron industrial.

Black Walnut Dining Table

Choose the Walnut Dining Table YOU Want!

Olde Good Things actually has a vast variety of original walnut table options available. These options include end tables, round tables, and full-sized dining tables. You can also specify the type of wood for your table if you want a black walnut dining table. Every table is hand constructed by our skilled craftsmen at our own wood shop in Scranton, Pennsylvania. These men treat every customer’s table with care and make them to their specifications. We have a process from beginning to end to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the end product. Many designers and customers hand pick their slabs and give us designs that we fabricate to their specifications. We also have a line of tables on our web site that have become stock items since they have proven to be popular as dining tables and desks. The solid walnut dining table is also a popular seller of ours.

Round Walnut Dining Table

A Solid Walnut Dining Table Fits any Family

The walnut dining table finished product is a more modern and refined look in many cases as walnut is a wood used for fine furniture. Even so, we have constructed walnut farmhouse tables that have simple and traditional looks.

We stain our solid walnut dining tables with a variety of stains, from traditional stains to more particular ones such as ebony or pickled to white. The finish is a conversion varnish. We do not polyurethane finishes. These finishes are safe for you and your family and do just as well to protect your reclaimed wood table from water damage by causing liquids to bead instead of penetrating the table’s surface. They can be shiny or dull matte, as you prefer.

Solid Walnut Dining Table