Grand Rapids Clothing Showcase


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This fabulous antique showcase was patented in 1905 by the Grand Rapids Showcase company. It is seriously constructed of oak and has the original wavy glass. The one pictured was part of a series of twelve matching cabinets that were connected side by side next to each other. Hence the sides are open since they are butted up to the side of the one next to it. The one in the first several pictures has the side panels, the rest are as the on in the last four pictures with no sides. Nice vintage oak paneling or glass can be added to the sides if you would like to use one as an individual unit. The glass door of each opens out and slides into the cabinet on the right hand side. Much like a folding door. The back of each cabinet is bead board with the original finish. There are two clothing racks in each of these cabinets. One at the top and one half way up. Each of the racks is solid cast bronze with nickel plate. The rack slides out so you can see the blouses, jackets or other items more readily. The cabinets need some restoration such as tightening up the joints and refinishing the wood. Other than that, they are all there and in quite good condition for being 100 years old! Priced per unit.

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93.5 in. H x 36.375 in. W x 45.375 in. D


Scranton warehouse

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Light wood tone

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Glass, Oak

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