Reclaimed Wood Table


Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

A reclaimed wood table is a fantastic way to add a unique design charm to any room. Reclaimed and salvaged wood furniture has become incredibly popular in recent years, finding a place in homes, businesses and even in restaurants.

Not only are these tables a handsome design addition to any space, but they are also very eco-friendly. By using reclaimed and salvaged woods, Olde Good Things helps prevent these materials being thrown away and clogging up landfills. Your reclaimed wood dining table is a product of this effort.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Table for Your Dining Room

Tables made from salvaged woods are loved for their outstanding quality and resilience. Our reclaimed wood dining tables are the best examples of this. Because they aren’t mass-manufactured, our tables have a handmade, worn-in factor that modern furniture can’t compete with. As a result of the way the wood was grown, harvested and processed in years past, reclaimed wood has a strength and durability that can’t be matched, since older mature trees are less prone to splitting or warping. A reclaimed wood table will out-class its pre-fabbed cousin every time!

Reclaimed Wood Table Dining

Reclaimed Wood Tables

Olde Good Things reclaimed wood tables are part of our Altered Antiques line, the perfect balance of history and contemporary living. Our tables are made from specifically selected pieces of wood during the salvage process and come from all over the United States. From prominent historic sites, industrial buildings and rural barns, each reclaimed piece of wood is a tiny bit of history. These pieces are then handcrafted by our master craftsmen here at OGT, to fit your exact space and design needs. A round reclaimed wood dining table is ideal for certain homes. To keep the style of your home consistent, balance that with a reclaimed wood coffee table.

Reclaimed Wood Tables

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Varieties

These reclaimed wood table tops are available in wide variety of wood types such as pine, walnut, oak, salvaged industrial flooring, and maple. We offer a standard line of stain colors, but if you’re looking to match an existing color or want a custom option, we recommend choosing a color from Minwax’s large selection of stains. Our tables are finished in one of two styles, either conversion (lacquer) finish or oil finish. The conversion finish is generally used on hardwoods like walnut, maple, or reclaimed oak industrial flooring. The oil finish is a three-part mixture of marine varnish, tung oil and mineral spirits and is used on pine and some oak woods. Both finish types are stain and water resistant, adding to the long life of the table top.

Reclaimed Wood Table-Round-Coffee

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table & Other Styles

Not only can our reclaimed wood be turned into a gorgeous dining room table, but we can also produce a variety of other furniture options. One great option is a reclaimed wood coffee table. Bookcases, round top tables, end tables, desks and even benches can all be handmade by our OGT craftsmen. All our reclaimed table tops can be paired with our custom line of industrial machine legs, steel tube bases or a matching wooden base. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, industrial, farmhouse or contemporary look for your piece, we have the perfect hardware and complementary furniture to match. Try styling the room with a marble mantel too. Combined with a reclaimed wooden table it can really enhance the look of the room.

Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

Whether you’re designing a space for a client, a restaurateur or looking to renovate your own place, Olde Good Things is eager to help find the exact piece you have in mind. A reclaimed wood dining table will enhance any space whether that’s a home or a restaurant. Our Altered Antiques line makes a bold statement piece in any room or atmosphere and with the variety of woods and colors, it’s only limited to your imagination. Stop in any of our showrooms or visit us at our Scranton, Pennsylvania warehouse to see everything Olde Good Things can offer.

Reclaimed Wood Table Top