Reclaimed Windows


Olde Good Things’ antique reclaimed window collection works with modern and antique finishes in any commercial or residential building. Olde Good Things’ antique window collection includes a multitude of styles including Classic, Queen Anne, Industrial and Gothic, to add character to your restoration project.

Use our online search filter to find reclaimed windows that best suit your design need by size, manufacturer or composition. Choose from a selection of wood, glass, stained glass, chicken wire glass, lead, metal, pine and screen compositions, or contact us for assistance with your specific material or style requirements.

We currently stock well-known manufacturers such as Luxfer Prism Company and have a range of antique windows and vintage stained glass windows that date back to the 1800s for your appreciation.

Add some quirkiness to your home with an ornate antique window or give your dining room an elaborate edge with a vintage stained glass window from Belgium.