Mirrored Antique Glass


Give your home, apartment or commercial building the cutting edge with mirrored antique glass from Olde Good Things. Our vintage glass has been sourced by our salvage team, and combines well with other antique and chicken wire glass.

Create a unique and moody ambience in your commercial or residential property with mirrored antique glass and strategically positioned lights. Frame your mirrors in distressed frames or position them behind colored lights.

Ideal for modern and classic buildings, mirrored antique glass can be used to reflect light or as an artistic highlight on a wall. Olde Good Things is proud to say we stock a large variety of pre-cut sizes of vintage mirrored antique glass for your next restoration project.

Use our online search filter to find the mirrored antique glass you need or contact us with your specific size requirements and we will check stock availability across all of our warehouses.