Olde Good Things is proud to offer a decorative range of antique applique pieces to add fine detail to your next residential or commercial restoration project. While our stock levels do fluctuate, we currently have a large amount of applique from Belgium and a fair amount from France to add a unique and memorable edge to your property.

Olde Good Things specializes in turn of the century and pre-war era artifacts and recognizes that the most eye-catching antiques aren’t necessarily the biggest or boldest. The true beauty of antiques is captured in applique antiques: fine details that add beauty and novelty to everyday living.

Olde Good Things’ antique applique collection is created mostly from gilded gold, but we also have a few bronze pieces, and some cast iron applique. Our inventory is updated constantly so we recommend you check back here often, to find the little gems unearthed by our expert salvage team.