Antique Wrought Iron Georgian or Federal Balconies


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These are original wrought iron balcony railings from the turn of the century. They are all hand smith and riveted the original way with no welds. The iron has an overall rust, but is not rotted. This will clean right up with sand blasting which, will make it look like new but with the old quality that can only be found in original antique iron. This is the balcony iron railing only. It does not include the floor of the balcony. This can be produced with new iron without taking away from the integrity of the design. The balconies can be used individually as ‘Juliet’ balconies, or can be connected together to make 50 ft. railing for an existing porch or deck. Code may be an issue with the distance between the vertical bars which usually requires four inch widths. One suggestion is to add an additional vertical bar between each of the existing ones. Please email us to discuss other possibilities.

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Wrought iron

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Overall 125 in. W x 33.5 in. H, 2 to 3 ft. returns, vertical bar spacing 5.5 in. W


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