Brazilian Ipe wood from Coney Island Boardwalk

The famous Coney Island Pier has long been in need of repair.  Recently the City approved plans to replace the original pier and boardwalk. The material used for this project was a Brazilian hardwood called Ipe – a unique durable rain forest wood perfect for decking and outdoor use.  The city was glad to see the pier salvaged and put to green use. It is now available for sale reworked or in its original condition with its natural ocean-weathered gray patina. It is available as decking, in an outdoor furniture line or as unusual table tops. You can have a piece of New York City history right in your home with the purchase of one of our unique altered antiques… straight from the Coney Island Boardwalk.

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10 Responses to Brazilian Ipe wood from Coney Island Boardwalk

  1. Leslie Ederer says:

    How can I go about acquiring one of these Coney Island boardwalk items? What a great way to remember Coney Island!

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  3. e schwam says:

    How are you selling the Brazillian Ipe for decking? How much would it cost per linear (sqare?) foot is it suitable to be used as decking material today? How long and wide are the pieces?

    Thank you, e schwam

  4. agustin hurtado says:

    I am interested, How much for the L. foot? … is it 1X 4? 1X6″?

  5. ogtadmin says:

    Agustin, the details for the decking are here and the beams here. Let us know if  you have any more questions, we’re happy to answer them.

  6. Ray Ciervo says:

    Also interested in purchasing some of this wood – how do I go about it? Please advise.
    Ray Ciervo
    3 Lone Oak Way
    Eatontown, NJ 07724

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  8. Patrick says:

    Ipe wood is basically belongs to Bignoniaceae genus. It is also described as Brazilian hardwood. Some specialties of it density, durability and performance. Ipe wood also need proper care and maintenance. Since it comes with natural finish you must do linseed oil applied. If you place the furniture in an area where it receives complete exposure to the elements of weather, you can either let the wood weather naturally or you can apply on an oil finish to the furniture at times. Get more tips at :

  9. joseph digiacomo says:

    Please contact me. I am interested in 2000 sq feet

  10. Susan says:

    Do you still have any Coney Island Boardwalk planks for sale?

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