OGT at the Nashville Country Living Show 2015


Join us at the Country Living Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee, April 24-26, 2015

Location: James E Ward Agricultural Center AKA Wilson County Fairground

Our truck is on it’s way, full of custom made reclaimed Farm Tables, industrial cast iron legs, antique tin mirrors & panels, iron fencing, reclaimed doors & unique architectural finds you can’t get anywhere else.

For more information about this show click here.

See where Olde Good Things will be next. Visit out Show Calendar!


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New arrival: vintage reclaimed hammered chicken wire glass

Just got a new supply of reclaimed chicken wire glass with a hammered texture. Three different tints, limited sizes and quantities. Please contact us with any questions.

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Entry transformation using reclaimed glass

Here you can see a simple entryway transformed with a hand-made wrought iron and vintage glass awning designed by our customer, Paul Lombardo of Lombardo Iron & Railing Co., from Orange New Jersey.

Entry prior to awning installation

Entry prior to awning installation

As seen after installation

As seen after installation

The craftsmanship is typical of what you would find from the days gone by.  When Paul took on this job, he decided vintage glass would bring the right finishing touch, and sure enough he was right.

Vintage hammered chicken wire glass was used in this hand-fabricated iron awning

Vintage hammered chicken wire glass was used in this hand-fabricated iron awning

Safety glass in a hammered texture is no longer fabricated new with this twisted chicken wire.  Therefore Olde Good Things specializes in reclaiming factory windows and making this glass available today.

Take a look at the gallery of pictures from this installation and view the video of Paul Lombardo in his fabrication stages.

Take a look at Paul’s creative video seen here:


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Customer Showcase: antique hand-stenciled wooden ceiling

42 Star Island designed by first registered architect Walter DeGarmo in 1925

42 Star Island designed by first registered architect in Miami, Walter DeGarmo in 1925

starr_island_mansion2This home, once one of the most visibly and architecturally noteworthy mansions along the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach was lost to the wrecking ball in 2014.  Fortunately, the architecturologists from Olde Good Things were on the scene, to salvage some of the original architectural elements prior to it’s demise.

One of those fascinating elements removed was this hand-painted stenciled ceiling done in the mediterranean style, here seen in it’s original setting.

Hand-stenciled ceiling in muted green and red tones

Hand-stenciled ceiling in muted green, orange and brown tones

These pictures show the architecturologists gently removing the ceiling piece by piece.  Each piece was numbered carefully in order for it to be repurposed by a future owner.


This unique ceiling has already found a new use.  It is being implemented in a large building project in Missouri.  Here you see pictures in the building stages:

Olde Good Things has become the dignitary associated with amazing building elements salvaged from many remarkable buildings in the United States, this home being just one of them.  Take a look at the link to famous building artifacts on our web site to see other offerings at this time.

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It’s Showtime in Texas

Warrenton- Round Top Show Grounds March 23 – April 5, 2015

It’s Texas Antique Week, Spring 2015.  We’re set up at the Warrenton-Round Top Show Grounds in Warrenton, TX.  Come see us and enjoy shopping our booth.   We have all our great wares including:  Architectural and altered antiques, hand crafted farm tables, industrial chic and more.  Show locations in Warrenton: Hillcrest Inn venue, in the Old Gin (across the dirt road from the Fire Station).  Hope to see you there.

More information> here

See our great set up at the Warrenton Show Grounds

See our great set up at the Warrenton Show Grounds

Lots of neat stuff!  Hope to see you there!

Lots of neat stuff! Hope to see you there!


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Open your doors and invite creativity in


Because Olde Good Things has so many stores and such great warehouse space we often find that we are salvaging tons of the same types of things just because they’re neat and need to have a new home. One of those much salvaged objects is the door. There are so many old Victorian homes, old industrial buildings, and old office and apartment buildings that have incredible doors that we just couldn’t let them go to the mulcher! We had to save them! So we did. The problem is that now we are up to our eyeballs in salvaged doors that need to find a new home with our loyal and tasteful readers.

Entire entry door set salvaged from this Victorian Home

Seen here at our warehouse

If you’re wondering, “I already have doors in my house, why would I want more”, you should consider that you can be as creative as you wish with these doors. They can be refinished and repurposed into something totally new. Let the doors of your mind fly open, greet creativity on the threshold and…tops. Because they are long and typically pretty thick, you can design and affix legs to the flat surface of the door, and refinish and paint the door a natural wood color, or go all out and paint it to match your favorite centerpiece. You can also make a salvaged door into a coffee table.

Invite it to dine

Don’t forget that when you have a table, you should also have a place to sit! Narrow solid closet doors can be re-purposed into benches. You can either leave them as they are, or design pillowed cushions to glue on top.You can use an old door with transom to make a built in for your dining area.

Bifold doors and arched transom used for a built-in cabinet

Bifold doors and arched transom used for a built-in cabinet

Invite to rest

If you’re remodeling or redesigning your bedroom spaces, you should consider using salvaged doors as head boards and foot boards for your bed. Solid or French doors can make an incredibly eye catching headboard when place directly behind the head of the bed.

Old french door from Olde Good Things converted to cool headboard

Old french door from Olde Good Things converted into cool headboard

It’s recommended that your screw or nail the doors to the wall for safety. Your door headboards can be left as they were found for a vintage look, or they can be refinished and painted as an accent to put the finishing touches on your bedroom oasis.

Invite it to marvel

Neat painted door – picture found on Pinterest

Salvaged doors can also serve as a blank canvas on which your imagination can truly take flight.  Artists can take a single or dual panel solid door and paint a masterpiece upon it, which they can then hang upon a wall. A floral pattern to bring life to a living room, a geometric design to bring striking colors and shapes to a hallway or entry way, or an entire panoramic painting of the Smokey Mountains – be as creative as you want to be in order to create the space you want using salvaged doors.

These are just a few of the ideas we came up with. Do you have any great ideas you’d like to share of ways that you’ve reused and repurposed salvaged doors? Check out our large selection of salvaged doors at one of our store locations, or come by and rummage through our warehouse in Scranton. We’d love to have you, and we’d love you to love our collection of old doors.

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St. Patrick’s Day: Do the GREEN thing!

Kilbennan_St._Benin's_Church_Window_St._Patrick_Detail_2010_09_16Historically speaking, St. Patrick’s Day is a day when Catholics, Anglicans, and Irish-Americans celebrate the man and the myth, Saint Patrick. Celebrated on March 17th, the day is meant to commemorate the life and the ministry of the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Modernly and commercially speaking, St. Patrick’s Day is a day when Americans celebrate their love for the Irish, and the color green. Cities throughout the country hold parades and costume and craft stores offer customers quirky t-shirts, anything featuring shamrocks, and lots and lots of leprechaun images.

Scranton, a city known for its Irish immigrant and Irish-American communities, isn’t just home to one of the most popular and well-attended St. Patrick’s Day parades, it is also home to Olde Good Things headquarters and main warehouse.

In order to get into the spirit with our fellow Scrantonians we are showcasing a few of the green items in our inventory.

Is your home in need of a bit of antique flare and a splash of color? Why don’t you  give this early 20th century carved wood frame love seat with plush lime green upholstery a try?

l212889Here’s a gallery of other green seating if this isn’t your style…

We also have a great number of green tiles in our inventory. These tiles are perfect for remodeling projects in kitchens, bathrooms, or mudrooms.

j180309If the seating or tiles aren’t your thing, you might consider this green French marble Empire style mantel. This mantel is medium-sized with bronze sphinxes flanking each side and a bronze center motif. This mantel is one of a kind and in excellent condition. This is one of several additions from Danny Alessandro & Edwin Jackson mantel company.

If you’d rather have an industrial perk with a green flare, take a look at these offerings:

The final item in our Olde Good Things “do the green thing” post is this set of hunter green shutter doors featuring heart cut-outs to add accent and simplistic beauty. These doors measure 52.25 in. H x 18.875 in. W x 1.375 in, and are in good condition.

m223979Olde Good Things is glad to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with you by offering you a 15% discount on green items on our web site on March 17th.  Just call or email and mention you saw this offering on the blog post.  If you’d like to see more of the green items in our inventory—from industrial lamps to furniture to mantel clocks—visit our warehouse or one of our locations. If you’d like to learn more about any of the items featured in this post, please contact us.

From all of us at Olde Good Things, we wish you a happy, healthy, and “green” St. Patrick’s Day!



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Tin-tilating decor at Olde Good Things

Tin is one of the most utilized metals on the planet. Aside from its use in numerous alloys, such as bronze and pewter, it is also a stand-alone metal used most notably during the innovative and industrial 1800s.

Ornate tin ceilings became prevalent in 19th century America

Ornate tin ceilings became prevalent in 19th century America

Most Americans couldn’t afford the expensive yet beautiful intricately designed plaster ceilings so popular in the wealthy houses in Europe so they sought a less expensive, more durable, more eye-catching material—tin—to fabricate ceilings and walls throughout many of the buildings erected in the late-1800s.

Tin ceilings withstood earthquakes, fires, and other disasters unlike their weaker, less practical plaster cousins. Understandably, the fireproof property of tin made it an in-demand building product, especially in Chicago after the devastating fire in 1871.

Once World War II began the need for tin in military applications skyrocketed which meant it became a scarce commodity for builders and interior designers. Thankfully, a few of the buildings where tin ceilings were a featured showpiece are still in existence, and Old Good Things has had the opportunity to salvage these gorgeous pieces, restore and repurpose them.

Before a building is demolished, the owners call Olde Good Things to salvage architectural pieces that would otherwise molder in the dump, alone, forgotten, and covered in layers of filth. When we arrive at the site, we get to work building scaffolding and prying each piece of tin from the ceiling with pry bars. With a little gentle nudge and a lot of elbow grease, we carefully remove the tin and transport it to our warehouse.

As you see here, we have quite a few tin panels in stock at our Scranton warehouse. When a customer orders a custom-made tin ceiling or mirror we get to work hammering out the dents, scrubbing and washing the panels, painting them, and covering them in protective coatings to ensure they stay beautiful for decades to come.

ogt_antique_tin_ceiling (11)

Here are a few more examples of the tin panel works our customers have done in their design projects:

ogt_antique_tin_ceiling (5)


Not only is tin a glorious addition to make any ceiling pop, it can be used in interior furniture design. Olde Good Things designs and fabricates tin mirrors, and our customers have used the refurbished tin in backsplashes, tables, wall and bar covers and other interior design elements.


Can you image how fabulous a colored tin backsplash would look in your kitchen? What about a vintage or antique tin mirror in your entryway, bathroom, or public areas? Business owners, would a handmade, custom-designed tin ceiling draw the eye of customers as they walk by? Think of how popular your retail space would be when people stop in just to see your amazing tin ceiling.

ogt_antique_tin_ceiling (2)

If you love a rustic, vintage feel you can’t go wrong with refurbished, repurposed tin. To learn more about our salvage, restoration, or design process, contact us. To order your very own custom tin creation, contact our craftsmen through our Scranton warehouse.

Not only do we have amazing tin creations, we are also home to a growing collection of decorative iron and bronze pieces. Learn more about those here.

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From the floor to the wall: Repurposing old floor joists

Olde Good Things is known throughout the salvaging, interior design, and preservation communities for our commitment to upcycling, repurposing, and restoring old, neglected, and forgotten items.

We have removed tin ceilings and repurposed them as mirrors and new, colorful ceiling and wall decorations. We’ve salvaged marble, slate, terracotta, and metal from crumbling, demolished, abandoned, or neglected buildings. We’ve given new homes to religious relics, art, statues, mantels, and vintage and antique furniture. We’ve bought and sold at auctions, flea markets, online, and through our 9 locations. There’s a lot happening with Olde Good Things, but nothing gives us more joy than taking something old and giving it new life.

Rows of reclaimed wood in the aisles of our Scranton PA warehouse

Rows of reclaimed wood in the aisles of our Scranton PA warehouse

Did you ever look at the rotting, pitted, splintered hardwood floor of an abandoned building and think to yourself, “these would make an amazing table”? No? Well, we did.

We’ve taken old, salvaged floor joists and repurposed them into stunning tables using vintage salvaged wood and other industrial metals or wood pieces for table legs. We’ve literally taken something some would consider garbage, and made it into something people sit around to enjoy their meals, share important news about their day, play board games, or just sit and contentedly sip tea.

When we make our tables, the carpentry process requires we plane and cut the wood in order to piece together the table tops. What happens to the scrap wood that doesn’t go into the tables? Well, we have another story for you.

Those scraps of wood that were cut from the beams that were once floor joists were repurposed into something you have to see to believe.

If you’re a Gregular at Gregorie’s Coffee in NYC, you’re frequenting a coffee shop that is buzz for coffee lovers.  Here the customers gaze up at the amazing accent wall…the one covered completely in salvaged, repurposed floor joist wood scraps.

Gregory’s Coffee has twelve locations in the Manhattan.  Be sure and visit all of them, quite a few have this fascinating wall cover.


Here you’ll see the installation crew busy installing the slats of wood, one by one, over the surface over the wall. Once the boards were in place, they painted the coffee shop name over it, and VOILA! a beautiful, eco-friendly, eye-catching accent wall!

To learn more about our floor joist tables or the wall at Gregory’s Coffee shop, contact us. To see our growing inventory of handmade reclaimed wood tables, click here.  If you are interested in purchasing some of these amazing reclaimed wood beam skins, inquire here.  To take a look at any of our other amazing salvaged, reclaimed, repurposed, or restored items, click here.

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New home for an old timer

There’s nothing more refreshing than renovations using past architectural elements in new designs. Customers at Olde Good Things include builders, designers, architects and innovators who just want to add a touch of old world charm to their installations.

Here’s just one of many of our customer’s re-uses of an antique architectural element in a modern design project. This clock once stood the test of time atop a 1905 meeting hall in Cherryfield, Maine. Now it is catching eyes at the Tick Tock Diner on 34th Street in Manhattan. Send us a few photos of your project with up-cycled elements from Olde Good Things to add to our library of interesting innovations done by our customers. Even if you only have an “after” shot feel free to send your photos to webstore@oldegoodthings.com. Let us know if you are willing for us to post them to our web site, privacy observed of course.

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