100 ft Flame Finial Wrought Iron Fence


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This is a mixed lot of 1920’s wrought iron fence. The design is similar, but not exactly the same pattern from piece to piece. Please note in the photos that the height of the fence varies from 35 in. to 36.5 in. and the design varies between the twisted iron balustrades and straight balustrades, curly cue details and no curly cues. We are offering this fence as one lot to a creative client that knows how to put this together into one fabulous run of fence with variations. Or someone who has various locations on the same property that can use similar, but not fully matching styles. Here are a breakdown of the types and sizes: Twisted balustrades with curls 36 in. H x 80 in. L, 90 in. L, 80.5 in. L, 98 in. L, 98 in. L, 81 in. L, 74 in. L, 58 in. L. Twisted balus trades with no curls 36 in. H x 64 in. L, 60 in. L, 48 in. L. Straight balustrades with curls 35 in. H x 101 in. L, 48 in. L, 66 in. L, 84 in. L, 84 in. L, 106 in. L, 56.5 in. L. The total footage is 115 ft.

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36 in. H x 1380 in. L


Scranton warehouse


Wrought iron

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Black, Rust



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