Mallory Wheeler Oriental Brass Whole House Door Hardware Set


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This is a complete doorknob set with matching plates. The face of the mortise lock is also of the same style. There is enough knob sets to do an entire apartment or house. The plates will vary in size for the exterior doors. There are also two variations in style on the doorknobs from round to flat. This set was manufactured by Mallory Wheeler in 1890. This particular style is in the K-214 group.

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Interior knob 1.875 in. D x 2.125 in. diameter, entry knob 2.5 in. diameter, back plate 5.25 in. H x 1.625 in. W, large back plate 7.125 in. H x 2 in. W, rosettes 1.875 in. diameter, lock 3.525 in. H


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