It’s fireplace season

In 2008 we were privileged to acquire 200 marble mantels from the Plaza hotel in New York. Designing luxurious rooms for glamorous clients, the stone was hand-selected, sent to Italy where it was carved, chiseled and polished into a sheen. Intricate attention and skill was applied, resulting in nothing short of art.

The Plaza Hotel closed its doors in 2005 and went under a massive renovation in which we had the opportunity to salvage these pieces. Since then, we have less than half of what was originally acquired. Here is a favorite of what remains…

e103507This hand carved piece is decorated with bronze gilded ormolu. Measurements and more information are available here.

Following The Plaza, in late 2010 Old Good things bought the entire inventory of Danny Alessandro & Edwin Jackson mantel company, the second oldest mantel dealer in New York City. There we found gorgeous hand-chiseled marble mantels, as well as replicas of mantels, andirons and tool sets. Available both in-store and online, below is a piece recovered from the early French Regency…

j180247Here we see the style of the 18th century in the hand chiseled design of the center frieze as well as the way the leg motifs curve out. The marble is a soft white, contrasted with gorgeous eggplant and oxblood veining. A true work of art, the frieze is a foot deep and the marble extends down to the legs. Captivated? Click here for more.

The search never stops. Just last week we recovered marble mantels from a brownstone on the Upper West Side. The week before, we acquired more from a private residence in central New Jersey and another from Columbus, Ohio. Here is one of our most recent finds…

ar03mm2An intricately carved Baroque piece, it is made of Duquesa Rosa marble and is most likely from the Provence de Guipuzcoa, Spain. Find more here.

Hand-worked stone, marble mantles are more than a glorified shelf for cocktails and picture frames. They are the frame to your fire; a timeless piece of sculpture for your home.

Find more  Danny Alessandro & Edwin Jackson mantels here.
Find more Plaza Hotel Mantels here.
Find more new acquisitions here.

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Customer Showcase: BLANK SLATE

blank_slate_outsideDesigning a restaurant requires attention to detail, creativity and sometimes, a little customization. Recently we were privileged to work with BLANK SLATE, a café, coffee bar and marketplace offering sandwiches, salads, small plates and more. Drawing from the old to create something new, the result is something truly unique.

Just a few months ago, Blank Slate was literally that, the perfect opportunity for owners, Ashley Jaffe and Zach Israel, to create the café and kitchen of their dreams. Located on 121 Madison Avenue, “We wanted to evoke an extension of someone’s living room… a place where people wanted to just cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and stay.” says Jaffe.

Dedicated to their vision, the couple chiseled through 6-inches of plaster to unearth a beautiful brick wall, worked with designer Lauren Mabry of Hunter Mabry Design to create a comfortable yet efficient floor layout, and had the furniture custom made. “The key was placing the right pieces throughout the space,” explains Jaffe.

It was that search that brought Blank Slate to Olde Good Things. There, Jaffe shared her thoughts with Jim D, of 149 Madison Ave. “She looking for mirrors that seemed as if they were floating in their frame,” he shared. Wanting to guests feel most comfortable, Jaffe didn’t just want any mirror. “I wanted antiqued glass,” she specified.

Working on a tight timeline, samples of hand-silvered glass were sent from the warehouse in Scranton for Jaffe’s review. Searching for the right amount of distress, the second round hit the mark and the team designed patonated steel frames to create a floating effect.


Jaffe was pleased and the designers made another suggestion. “I sent my marble tabletops to Olde Good Things and they were framed in darkened steel as well,” says Jaffe. That same metal formed legs for two high-top communal tables handmade out of old growth oak. Harvested from very old oak trees that fell after heavy rains and extreme winds, the resulting wood is dense and extremely durable. Available in multiple finishes, Jaffe picked a smooth top with a driftwood finish.


The entire process for Blank Slate took about six weeks.  The result? …Timeless.

To design, and build with Olde Good Things, contact us HERE. Photos taken by Sasha Israel Photography. Blank Slate website found HERE. Website for Hunter Mabry Design found HERE. To find about our hand-silvered antique glass, click HERE.  To find information on custom made tables click HERE.

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One of Kind Chicago Market

We are showcasing our handmade masterpieces at the 15th annual One of Kind Show in Chicago starting today. We are fully stocked with tin mirrors, copper mirrorstin panels, farm tables & tops, antique hardware,  industrial lighting,  printing press lamps & antique silvered milk jugs.

ogt at one of kind (1)
Location: The Merchandise Mart,
Date & Time:
Thursday, December 3    11am – 8pm
Friday, December 4      11am – 8pm
Saturday, December 5    10am – 7pm
Sunday, December 6      10am -5 pm
Our Booth: 7th FL, Booth 3104
Tickets: $12 (age 12+)

ogt at one of kind (2)

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Holiday Shopping List: Vintage Andirons

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t want everybody to see exactly where I live, what my sofa or my fireplace looks like. If only she knew about OGT andirons…. She may have changed her mind.

As we waltz into this holiday season, OGT brings an incredible selection of statement pieces for your hearth. With many people preferring simple, functional log holders, Andirons may not be typical, but isn’t that more reason to pay attention?

Forged in the late Iron Age, andirons are the oldest fireplace accessory. Andirons lift the wood from the ground, increasing air circulation, yielding a better burn. Initially, basic designs adhered to their practical use. However, art infiltrates all aspects of life and it wasn’t long before the hearth was no different. By the medieval era, blacksmiths had begun adding minor decoration to andiron guards and the trend continued…

Renaissance designers, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman statues, casted beautiful figurative pieces, while the 18th century metal workers depicted animals such as horses, griffins and dragons. Metal began to deviate as well, morphing from ferrous wrought iron to brass, bronze, and even precious silver. By the 19th century, andirons were not just a practical addition to the home, but adornment for the centerpiece that the hearth was and always will be.

As the temperature drops, we too turn to the fireplace. Online and in-store we present andirons ranging from gothic to early American designs in brass, bronze and wrought iron. One pair, found at our store in the Bowery, features wrought iron horse heads holding a ring.

j149263Online, one can find a French pair with flame finials (item number M215442).

m215442Or even a clean but classic design featured in brass (item number K190674).

k190674Bronze, brass, or wrought iron, antique andirons are a beautiful compliment to your hearth and home. If only Marilyn had known…

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Holiday California Container


Holiday Conatiner

It’s that time again!  A container full of amazing Olde Good Things has just landed at our LA location.  Yes, a fresh selection of antique ceiling tin mirrors, panels, reclaimed farm tables and altered antiques.  As well as architectural finds from years gone by.

Stop by our South Grand Avenue store today and get the best selection.  Hope to see you there!

1800 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90015
213-746-8600 or 8611
213-210-7675 cell
Mon – Sat 9 am to 6 pm
Sun 10 am to 6 pm

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Latest arrival – salvaged milk bottles handsilvered to make a great look

It’s that time again.

…A time to transform your home into something festive, but not at all tacky, and this holiday season OGT will be your best friend.

First up we have hand-silvered old milk bottles.

Great holiday idea... hand-silvered vintage milk bottles

Great holiday idea… hand-silvered vintage milk bottles

Foraging for goodies in an old Brooklyn dairy, we found a batch of beautiful bottles made in 1954. Looking closely at the glass, a few, inscribed with Forest Lake Dairy, have a gorgeous pink hue.

Old salvaged milk bottles available at Olde Good Things

Old salvaged milk bottles available at Olde Good Things

For all of them, the shape is what sets them apart. A design first patented in the early 1900s, there is a bulb at the top of the bottle, a visually quirky and entirely practical addition designed to collect the cream as it separated from the milk.

IMG_5403The patent for cream top bottles was first assigned to the Cream Top Bottle Corporation in 1925, and the size of the bulb was typically one fifth of the entire bottle. Apparently there was a bit of science that went into this ratio. The Cream Top Bottle Corporation stated that “milk with 3.5% butterfat test was sufficient to fill the cream bulb with cream and the separated cream would be 22 to 27% butter fat.“

Cream Top milk bottles were sold at a similar price as the conventional ones however the dairyman had to pay an annual licensing fee to the Cream Top Bottle Corporation. In exchange, the Cream Top Bottle Corporation would give the dairyman exclusive rights in his territory to sell milk in Cream Top bottles.

The Cream Top Bottle Corporation claimed many advantages for their bottles.  Since they were only allowed to be used by one dairy in a given territory, they were easily identified and difficult for other dealers to steal and use.  The Corporation also claimed that their bottles would experience less breakage due to their design AND that this unique design would discourage consumers from keeping bottles for preserving foods (a common problem with regular milk bottles) or storing other liquids.

Advantages or not… in 1933 the annual licensing fee was challenged in court and not upheld, opening the door for more manufacturers and designs to follow (i.e. the MODERN top milk bottle and the baby top milk bottle).

The bottles we found are not only Cream top milk bottles, but “space-saving,” due to their square shape. While the manufacturer is not listed, we know Lamb Glass Company was making square bottles during this time.

We loved the shape and the story and true to Olde Good Things style, we wanted to add another layer.


Our warehouse in Scranton is home to some truly talented craftsmen. Some make tables, some make tin mirrors and some use the old world way to silver antique glass by hand (more on that process to come!).


After a few weeks in the warehouse… VOILA! Something old and something new; A timeless piece perfect as personal décor or glorious gift. These beautiful bottles can be found online or in any of our stores. To inquire or purchase click here!


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Design element of the week: Massive bronze room divider

Here’s Mid-Century Modern design at it’s height. This solid cast bronze room divider has alternating pod shaped sculpted bronze parts in a thick frame and was conceived in the minds of a group of architects in 1959. It was constructed starting in July 1962 and completed in 1964.

Completion of this massive cast bronze room divider took place in 1964

Completion of this massive cast bronze room divider took place in 1964

Design and planning consultants Victor Gruen worked with King & King Architects and coordinating architects Gordon Schoper Ketcham-Miller-Arnold. This amazing room divider can be assembled as one long unit or two sections on an angle. Total length 209 inches, it consists of two sections, one 101 inch long and one 108 inch long.

Originally this piece was salvaged from the lobby of the Public Safety Building in Syracuse, New York. Below you see it in this original setting.


This amazing piece can be seen at our Madison Avenue location at 149 Madison Avenue in New York City.

For more information or to inquire click here.

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Lucky Finds for the Home

Olde Good Things will be showcasing its altered antique and unique finds at the last outdoors Fall Clover Market. This Sunday November 8, 2015.
Location: 7 N. Bryn Mawr Ave, Bryn Mawr PA
Time: 10-5 PM, rain or shine
Vendors & Locations: 11-8-15BMVendorLocations.pdf
Market Map: BrynMawrMap.pdf

clover market ogt (1)

Come visit Olde Good Things at Clover Market




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From ruins to reuse. Find your fireplace at Olde Good Things

This shabby looking dilapidated mansion recently was slated for demolition.  Of course, the salvage team at Olde Good Things was on the scene to see what treasures they could uncover prior to it’s demise.

Once a beautiful mansion, here seen prior to demolition

Once a beautiful mansion, here seen prior to demolition

Well they didn’t have to look far, almost every major room in this once stately home revealed carved federal and french style mantels from a well-known American mantel company built at the turn of the century.

These mantels were fabricated by the E. Bradley Currier Co. in the early 1900’s.  Each one has a label with the date of manufacture, hand-crafted in the U.S.A.   These can be purchased online, just in time for mantel season.

Click on this picture to see this online

Click on this picture to see this online

Olde Good Things has the largest selection of antique marble, stone and wooden mantel pieces.  The cold of winter is coming and we’re sure we can help you warm up your surroundings with a beautiful antique fireplace surround.  Each one of our four Manhattan locations as well as our Scranton, PA warehouse and California location has a vast selection of many styles of wooden and marble mantel pieces.  From heavily carved French mantels to simple Victorian arched Brownstone marble fireplaces, we most likely have the exact piece you’ve been looking for to fit into your decor.  Both of these mantels can be seen at our Bowery location in Manhattan.

Heavily carved French oak mantel

Heavily carved French oak mantel

Simple Victorian arch marble mantel from early 1900's

Simple Victorian arch marble mantel from early 1900’s

Take a look at our inventory online or visit us today.  Think of the warmth you will enjoy this season in front of your new antique fireplace from Olde Good Things.

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Designing with nautical lighting

With a vast offering of lighting from industrial to elegant, designers find Olde Good Things a prime go-to shop for authentic original fixtures.  Of late, one of the favorites has been unique maritime lights salvaged from ocean carriers of long ago.  Here you see featured just one re-use of a honey-comb shade fox spotlight now accenting an ultra-modern living area.

nautical light


Nautical lighting offers a mix of industrial and eclectic, especially due to the use of rich looking metals like bronze and copper, often used due to their resistance to the elements.  gooseneck_sconce

This line of lighting makes for great exterior uses, especially the passage and deck lighting.  One of the favorites is the gooseneck bronze sconces.  Many of our customers have purchased these to adorn their porches, carriage houses and garages.  Available in a rounded top and flat top (pictured), also in a smaller size (see gallery below).

We also have sconces available in cast aluminum, if you prefer a more subtle color and industrial look.

Take a look at some of our new arrivals and shop our web site and stores to see the inventory.

If you really want to make a statement, perhaps a small passage light is not for you.  You can always light up your life with this huge 4-foot ship spot, or maybe even two if you prefer (we have a pair available.)


Whatever your preference, you have some choices now at Olde Good Things.  From ocean-liners, to your living room, these trendy marine lights will make great conversation pieces.  Just think of the far away countries they’ve been to and the vast oceans they’ve crossed prior to their demise; now to be re-purposed and given new dimension in your design objective.

Retiring with Grace and Style: Salvaging the Walter Keane Staten Island Ferry




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