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Tour the Olde Good Things vintage hardware collection

Join our vintage hardware expert Dale Sponaugle for a 15-minute guided tour of one of the largest vintage hardware collections ever.

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How to install antique and vintage doorknobs

As the #1 ranked architectural salvage company in the country, we are overflowing with incredible vintage and antique goods. One of our most popular salvaged pieces are vintage and antique doorknobs. We have beautiful honeycomb type mercury dot antique doorknobs … Continue reading

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Olde Good Things spotlight: Boulton & Watt — Emporium Design’s dream build

The industrial revolution marked a huge change in history; the beginning of an exciting journey into an era filled with growth. This new era meant change, change in how things were manufactured, and the speed at which they were completed. … Continue reading

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Michael Laudati beautifully renovates historical lobby

In an age when new high-rises and shiny gadgets dominate our culture, there are a few dedicated souls who are committed to preserving the whimsy and heart of vintage styles and pieces. One of these pioneers of preservation is Michael … Continue reading

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Vintage hardware gets organized!

If  you’ve ever been to the hardware room in our Scranton warehouse, you know it’s been a tad, uh… disorganized. Well that’s all fixed, thanks to our good friend Dale! So if you’re a vintage hardware aficionado, come visit, let … Continue reading

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Olde Good Things has a Moment of Luxury

Interior Designer William Stubbs shares some of his secret places for finding fantastic vintage items in New York; we are one of those places. Learn how to use antique artifacts, select fine linen, pick out a quality diamond, and custom … Continue reading

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Heavy hardware hoarding

Anyone who likes vintage hardware will be happy to know that we are continuing to beef up our inventory of doorknobs, hinges, and other classic antique hardware. So search our inventory or contact us and see what we have available.

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