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Meet the Olde Good Things lions: Come roar with us!

Madison Ave has long been synonymous with high fashion, boutique stores, and all the amazing designer items you could possibly imagine. We at Olde Good Things are super proud of our Madison Ave store and the name it’s making for … Continue reading

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Design Showcase: Incorporating salvaged glass

Over the years, Olde Good Things has seen many great design ideas emerge from decorators who love to incorporate old reclaimed items into modern design vignettes which take on a totally different dimension. Here is just a sample of one of … Continue reading

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Historic La Ronda: Olde Good Things salvaging dream

As an architectural salvage, restoration and preservation company, Olde Good Things has had the privilege to work with historical societies and owners of historic sites, and salvage incredible pieces from fascinating buildings all over the country. One of our more … Continue reading

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Salvaging vintage glass

In our environmentally conscious society today, architects, designers and builders are always looking for ways to incorporate sustainable building products in new projects.  Besides interior and exterior building elements such as doors, mantels, hardware, building stones, fencing and reclaimed wood, OGT has … Continue reading

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Recent reclamation: Terra cotta dreams!

You know Olde Good Things is the #1 name in architectural salvage, and you know we take our work providing new homes for old items seriously, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that we’ve outdone ourselves with our … Continue reading

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Cherub angel relief now available

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and Cupid fresh on our minds, OGT is offering something a little special for our customers. This salvaged multi-piece poly-chrome terracotta cherub frieze was one of twelve that were carefully removed, pieced back together, … Continue reading

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Salvaging angels: Guardian Architecturologists

Many of the old churches in NEPA have withstood the test of time, the elements, and urban sprawl. Most of the remaining churches are home to some of the most beautiful religious iconography in the country, including twin Guardian Angels; … Continue reading

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Design showcase: Before & after

Olde Good Things has long been a friend and advocate of designers with a vintage and industrial taste. From industrial lighting to repurposing old chicken wire glass for use in homes and restaurants, Olde Good Things has witnessed designers taking … Continue reading

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Cata: Silvered and industrial glass and lighting

In a world where it is considered such commonplace to “throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak, it is a breath of fresh air when one can so masterfully find creative ways to employ otherwise overlooked … Continue reading

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Reusing salvaged tile: The “green” factor

It’s probably evident that “green” refers to the environment rather than cash savings, but just to be clear, reusing salvaged tile could impact both aspects of life. There’s a growing bandwagon of folks who are doing their part to save … Continue reading

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