Design showcase: Before & after

Olde Good Things has long been a friend and advocate of designers with a vintage and industrial taste. From industrial lighting to repurposing old chicken wire glass for use in homes and restaurants, Olde Good Things has witnessed designers taking the old thing we’ve salvaged and creating new, beautiful pieces of art.

Here are a few examples we’d like to share.

Salvaged industrial saw table stand.

Salvaged industrial saw table stand.

Here, we have an antique saw table stand that we salvaged from a crumbling factory. It’s rusted, dinged, banged up, and ready for the scrap heap, right? Wrong.  As you can see, the designer has worked wonders with sanding, polishing, and giving a new life to these old paid of legs. This piece is the center of the heart of the home, and is the perfect place to prepare meals, eat, and tell guests all about your amazing kitchen island.



From industrial rust to kitchen centerpiece

From industrial rust to kitchen centerpiece

This door, these wrought iron and wood railings, and these sections of wrought iron staircase railings have seen better days, but they will see much brighter days in the future thanks to the efforts of Stephanie Chrane of CGM Unlimited in Texas.


Once rusting and alone in our Olde Good Things salvage yard, they are now works of art creating eye-catching beauty from the front door to the second floor.



Transformed into an amazing entryway

Transformed into an amazing entryway

Great focal point to this foyer

Great focal point to this foyer

These railings from the interior of a turn of the century Pennsylvania hotel add a touch of old world beauty to an otherwise quite modern style living space.



To learn more about the salvaged pieces in the Olde Good Things growing inventory, call or click today.

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Cata: Silvered and industrial glass and lighting

Come inside Cata and see what a few refurbished salvaged items can do

Come inside see what a few refurbished items can do

In a world where it is considered such commonplace to “throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak, it is a breath of fresh air when one can so masterfully find creative ways to employ otherwise overlooked items.

When you walk through the eclectic doors with reclaimed chicken wire glass, the arched set of antique silvered glass copper windows that is lit just behind the bar catches your eye right away, and you cannot help but be drawn to the copper pendant lights that float across the room overhead.

Thanks to OGT, Cata, an upscale restaurant on New York’s Lower East Side, was able to do just that. By artistically using refurbished décor, they were able to create a very unique ambiance for their patrons, proving that a good meal definitely begins with presentation! Of course, in a restaurant that boasts an ever-changing menu, and a schedule that is as unique as the flavor d’jour, one would expect nothing less.


The delicious brick exterior and reclaimed chicken wire glass in the doors and windows of the restaurant are two of its vintage features

The delicious brick exterior and reclaimed chicken wire glass in the doors and windows of the restaurant are two of its vintage features

The distressed silvered glass behind the bar casts a glimmering reflection of Cata patrons as they dine in style

The distressed silvered glass behind the bar casts a glimmering reflection of Cata patrons as they dine in style

The different fixtures, all with different stories to tell, definitely contribute to the undeniable eclectic, yet swanky feel of this place. It is undoubtedly… unparalleled. This is definitely not something that can be replicated. It is not your run-of-the-mill, everyday décor, simply because these pieces cannot be picked up at your local Walmart. They are one of a kind.

Hanging fixtures add an industrial touch to an elegant space

Hanging pendant lights add an industrial touch in front of reclaimed chicken wire arched picture windows

Sometimes beautifully flawed for what they were originally intended, but repurposed and remade into something even greater. The beauty of this place is not unlike an inner-city church choir, although each individual piece by itself has its own innate beauty, it is only when they are all combined that you can truly appreciate its splendor.

Distressed mirrored glass
Reclaimed chicken wire glass

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2015 brings the start of antique shows for Olde Good Things

With the start of the New Year, we are starting to travel to showcase our wares at antique shows across the country.  This weekend brings you two great opportunities to view and purchase Olde Good Things products in Atlanta, Georgia as well as in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Come see us at the Big Flea!

Come see us at the Big Flea!

We are already set up at the Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta at the Atlanta Expo Center and starting January 10, we will be set up at the DC Big Flea at Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA.

Booths #24, 25 and 26 – right outside the front door.
Show Date:  January 8-11, 2015
Show Times:  Thursday: 12:45pm-6pm.  Friday/Saturday: 9am-6pm and Sunday: 10am-4pm.

Scotts Atlanta January 2015

Scotts Atlanta January 2015

Washington DC:
Booth#:  036-037 SOUTH.
Show Date:  January 10-11, 2015  Over 600 booths at this show!
Show Times:  Saturday: 9am-6pm and Sunday:  11am-5pm

DC Big Flea - 2014

DC Big Flea – 2014

Hope to see you there!

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Out with the new in with the olde

With 2014 in the books, it’s time to create your New Year’s resolution for your home and start planning and designing your living space for 2015.

Reclaimed butcher block table with pipe legs

Reclaimed butcher block table with pipe legs designed and made by Olde Good Things

If your kitchen looks more like a brown bag than a gourmet diner, you might want to consider remodeling; re-tiling with salvage subway tiles, or custom ordering your own farm table is a step in a fabulous direction. Does your bathroom make you cringe rather than chill? Why not give it a new look using reclaimed bath fixtures and vintage lighting? With something as simple as replacing your cupboard knobs, you can change the ambience from stressed to spa quickly and easily.

Looking for a bigger, more spectacular change? Why not install a salvaged or reclaimed wood mantle over your existing fireplace? Not spectacular enough? Change all the lighting fixtures in your home with vintage chandeliers, sconces, or industrial lamps.

Crystal Chandelier purchased at our Chelsea Location

Crystal Chandelier purchased at our Chelsea Location


It wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of drama using salvaged corrugated chicken wire glass as statement pieces in your living room or kitchen.

Olde Good Things is the one stop location for designers and end-users alike to come up with great ideas for all your future design plans both for your living or business spaces.  This year is only just beginning, but it holds much promise, especially for those who really want to keep their New Year’s Resolutions of creating a home that is all about them, their tastes, and their budget.

Add to your 2015 calendar plans to visit any or all of our four New York City showrooms, our LA store and our huge National Warehouse locations in Scranton, PA.

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Reusing salvaged tile: The “green” factor

k196920 (Custom)It’s probably evident that “green” refers to the environment rather than cash savings, but just to be clear, reusing salvaged tile could impact both aspects of life. There’s a growing bandwagon of folks who are doing their part to save the planet one choice at a time. Manufacturing has made a massive impact on the earth’s atmosphere and health. Looking at the planet in segments of pre- and post-industrial era provides shocking evidence of how drastic that effect has been. It’s a bit of a chicken-egg conundrum to figure out whether the green movement started a trend for reusing things, or the other way around, but one thing is for certain, the word “recycle” has had a facelift and is receiving high accolades rather than besmirching side glances from the world of interior (and personal) fashion.

Not only will a purchase of salvaged tile find any home renovator pleased with the unique beauty and incomparable quality of how “they used to make things,” but there is the peace of mind that comes with a well-placed piece of history. The well-recycled phrase “if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem” rings true in this incident. Finding ways to circumvent the common way of doing things will produce a sense of pride in the knowledge that your lovely tiled backsplash or shower hasn’t been part of the problem. Imagine all the great ways you can reuse this beautiful tile!

Out with the Old, In with the…Older?

When faced with the task to renovate a space, there is often a plethora of heinously outdated décor to be removed. Any home-project expert will have experience with such things as “vintage” shag carpet, cheap (and dreadful) wood paneled walls, dreaded popcorn ceilings, peeling linoleum or wallpaper, and lead-based paint. Home renovation projects are filled with the “out with the old” mentality. Few would think of replacing old and worn out items with classic old pieces, but that’s exactly what Olde Good Things is doing. It’s fine to want to shoot the interior decorator who cursed a lovely home to a dated existence, but finding solace in the fact that there are beautiful things to replace those worn old things with can be a great comfort.

At, a bounty of beautiful salvaged tile presents itself to bring a one-of-a-kind facelift to any interior project. Finding something pretty isn’t hard to do, but finding something that will not fade with time requires the creativity to utilize things that have remained classically irreplaceable to this day.

This tile is a classic beauty that shows it age well. Vintage is “fabulous”.

Reach into the past and avoid being the cause for more industrialized damage to the planet. “Green” is very in right now and those who are willing to venture some creativity will gain priceless and beautiful pieces for their home without the nagging feeling of having just paid to poison the planet.

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Recently salvaged vintage aqua blue chicken wire glass windows

One of Olde Good Things most recent acquisitions is unusual aqua blue glass with twisted chicken wire salvaged from the Hamilton Manufacturing Co. in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  This company was for decades the leading maker of printing equipment for newspapers, magazines, and small printing shops.  They had a prime mid-west Industrial Age factory with a grand foot print right in Two Rivers.  Seen in this picture is the facade of the building with three sections of these unique windows.

Hamilton Factory, Twin Rivers, Wisconsin prior to demolition

Hamilton Factory, Twin Rivers, Wisconsin prior to demolition

Industrial Chic is receiving increasing attention these days by designers everywhere.  And this vintage industrial wire glass in retro aqua color would give an added pop of color to your next design project.  Sold by the square foot and can be cut to your specifications.  Any questions, feel free to inquire at our special glass email: and we’ll get back to you with any information you may need.

Email for Details

Available in Quantity

Salvaged Window from Hamilton Factory

Eight-pane window

Fifteen pane window

Fifteen pane window

Four long paine window

Four long pane window



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New acquisition: Fine lighting from Chameleon Antiques

Our stores are now being filled with new acquisitions from a long time, well-known lighting store from the design district in NYC – Chameleon Antiques. They specialize in traditional antique lighting as well as contemporary and fine reproductions.  These acquisitions are soon to be uploaded to our web store – we’ll keep you abreast of all updates!

Our four New York City stores each has a variety of fixtures ranging from simple pendants and lamps to high-end Caldwell silver chandeliers and elegant crystal chandeliers.  Here’s just a few of the many lights we have recently acquired.

If you have any questions about the lighting displayed here or in our email announcement, contact us or call us at 888-233-9678.

Madison Avenue lighting

Fine lighting at our Madison Avenue store

Caldwell chandelier

Elegant Caldwell chandelier


lighting One of the many pairs of lamps just in


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A short but sweet history of chandeliers

k191987 (Custom)Chandeliers are one item that originated in high status and one which has consistently remained so throughout its development. Humans have typically reserved their best—and, in the case of chandeliers, brightest—resources for their places of worship. Churches and abbeys were one of the few areas where large crowds of people were able to go at the same time and unite for a common purpose. The clergy and the structures themselves were revered by the people and typically well cared for. This is where the first recorded uses of these innovative light fixtures developed back in the fourteenth century.

m226191Having derived its name from a French word that means candle holder, the earliest chandeliers hung in churches and literally held candles. The relatively simple designs were made of wood and shaped as crosses to serve practical functions: to provide light for as much of the inside of the church as possible at one time and reduce the possibility of fire from low lying, lit candles among large groups of moving people. The chandeliers were attached to the ceiling of other large spaces where crowds gathered, also, such as meeting halls.

The cost of the light fixtures was inhibitive even then, with only the common areas that benefited from crowd funding and rich citizens able to afford to use the larger ones. Some households of modest means may have owned small versions of the wooden lights, with simpler designs and fewer candles. It took no time for chandeliers to become the wealth status symbols they remain today, with castles commissioning the most elaborate fixtures for display.

French leader, Louis XIV, ordered sumptuous chandeliers to adorn his castle and chandeliers became all the rage for the wealthy elite. During the Victorian Era, chandeliers dictated a social order for the aristocracy. The detail of the design, what they were made of, and the size determined how much clout a person had. Queen Victoria sent the heaviest chandelier known, to a fellow royal in Instanbul. This magnificent structure weighs just over four tons and holds 750 light spaces. A gift of a chandelier this substantial spoke of the Queens’ immense power and highest social status. The receiver of her gift must also have been in the top area of the royal ranks.

Chandeliers were then made of various other materials, metal being the most commonm226194 choice, although crystal embellishments soon took over a great part of the design. The technology of glass production helped to develop crystal details for chandeliers. By the time the 1800s rolled around and gas was used in producing light, chandeliers were customized to accommodate the changes. However, once electricity began to be used for general lighting needs, chandeliers were no longer necessary for light, but held steady as home décor.

Today, chandeliers still reign from up high as one of the most innovative ways to show household wealth and taste. Even though chandeliers have been somewhat lost to history; pushed aside by bolder, more industrial lighting options, the architect-urologists at Olde Good Things have gone out of their way to hunt down, salvage, and reuse vintage and antique chandeliers in 21st century homes. The chandeliers in stock at our warehouses are made of almost any type of materials, such as animal antlers, household items, wrought iron, repurposed anchor chains, and anything else designers and crafters decided to use in their masterwork.

If you’d like to learn more about chandeliers, and find out how you can use a salvaged or repurposed chandelier in your remodel, contact the specialists of Olde Good Things.

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Using salvaged, vintage chandeliers in remodeling

One of the best ways to create exactly the look you want while remodeling your home is to use what has already proven successful; recruit vintage chandeliers for a new position of honor in your modern home. Using a chandelier that has been salvaged from an older home may not only save you money on your new look, but you’ll also contribute to helping save resources that are consumed in making new home design items.

A recycled chandelier can create just the vibe you want to accomplish with your home overhaul. An eclectic collection of modern furniture styled with a vintage chandelier can help a room evolve into a chic expression of the various components of your personality. In some cases, a chandelier can become the focal point of the room, drawing eyes to it in the midst of other dressings that may not be as elaborate. Playful designs of out of the ordinary materials can infuse fun and character into an otherwise plain spoken room.

k197269 (Custom)

If you can find a vintage chandelier with an elegant design, it could well reside in your bathroom, lending an extravagant feel to a small space and making time spent in the room special. A chandelier can also be used in an unexpected place, such as a high ceiling hallway, to provide light with a classic touch. Hanging a chandelier from another era in your bedroom can steep your sleeping quarters in the aura of that day and time.

You can feed a desire to represent certain time periods through your chandelier. You may be fascinated with the Dutch and Flemish created chandeliers of the 1700s. Acquiring one of these light fixtures will allow you to accent your home with a bit of history that’s not only functional but attractive. The decadence of a Victorian crystal chandelier may beckon to you from an architectural salvage yard, and you should heed the call and bask in the multi-faceted lighting of long ago. A home office that sports a checkered tile begs for a 1950s retro style chandelier to create the complete vibe, complete with furniture in boxy shapes and vinyl.

l200633 (Custom)
k197278 (Custom)

There is a wide selection of vintage chandeliers available at Olde Good Things. Take a few minutes (or hours) and check out our selection through our website, or visit one of our many locations. You can also do your own salvaging and recycling when you ask around to see if people know of older homes and estates that may be selling the fixtures, likely in preparing them for demolition or remodeling.

Allowing a vintage salvaged chandelier to occupy a place of respect in your home as you are recreating your space will give new purpose to an old beauty. The attractive light fixture will not rot and waste away in a landfill or deteriorate slowly in an attic, tucked away from adoring eyes. Instead, it will shine even brighter as it becomes reincarnated into the fabulous eyepiece it was originally designed to be, high in the air where all stars remain.

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One of a Kind Show Chicago

Olde Good Things will be one of the hundreds of artists displaying unique items at the 14th annual One of a Kind Show in Chicago. It’s a great place find truly unique items for yourself, your home and everyone on your holiday gift list.  More than 600 talented artists will set up shop at the 2014 show. The show is at The Merchandise Mart; click Directions below for more details. We are in booth 3140.

OKC2014_Floorplan11x17_05Days & Times
Thurs Dec 4th – 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Fri Dec 5th – 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sat Dec 6th – 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sun Dec 7th – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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