New Madison Avenue location

We’ve just opened our fifth store in New York City, located at 149 Madison Avenue at 32nd Street known as The Steel Building. This corner location is now 5000 square feet of Architectural and Altered Antiques, hand crafted farm tables, industrial chic and much more. This store has a unique mix of breathtaking chandeliers, Belgium mirrors, tin mirrors, elegant furniture & furnishings & unusual items that you can’t see anywhere else. We are still setting up but now open, so come on in. Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, 212-321-0770.


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Take a tour of our national warehouse

A guided tour of our national warehouse in Scranton, Pa., that you won’t want to miss.

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Design dream! A spectacular home redesign with antique and vintage goods

Olde Good Things has been mentioned in a recent pictorial feature in Design NJ, New Jersey’s Home & Design Magazine. This pictorial featured the incredibly beautiful designs of Linda Maley and Lisa Keyser, sisters and owners of Whitepop Design. Whitepop Design has the distinction of being featured in several NJ design magazines, showcases, and having the opportunity to design homes for people all over the East Coast.

The magazine pictorial featuring OGT was a great pat on back for the expertise of Whitepop Designs in integrating architectural salvage into existing interiors.

Here is our commentary on the pictorial featuring photo highlights of Olde Good Things’ salvaged goods.

Vintage items bring a warmth and grandeur that can’t be paralleled by new renditions of old things. The most important aspect of antiquing is knowing how to collect the showpiece items and learning to bypass the items that lend a sense of untrendy grandma-ness to a space. Classic old pieces are worth the investment as they bring depth and crumble the common platitude of modern factory recreations of style. At Olde Good Things, you will find treasures like the old church railing that recalls the grandeur of the Gothic era. To truly repurpose something may involve giving it a previously inconceivable function. The use of the railing as a truss adds swooping lines to an entry for a great room making it something more than the sum of its parts.

Gothic railing and stained glass

The beautiful dark wood railings and overhanging decorative supports, and breathtaking stained glass windows were carefully salvaged by OGT from a gothic church.


Gothic railing and stained glass

An up close and personal view of the eye catching stained glass windows and salvage gothic church railings.

Gothic church railings

This is another glorious view of the salvaged dark wood gothic church railings that have been repurposed as faux support beams.

Walk into the room and find salvaged stained glass windows that echo a distant past. The house dons a grace and elegance from the past that has been brought to life through its salvaged parts. For the full impact of a thoroughly made-over house, the antique wainscoting and solid wooden wall paneling mimics the lines from the gothic railings and windows and fireplace. Coming together like the final crescendo in an orchestral piece of full-bodied sound, the full grace of antique French doors leads to a sense of awe and silence fitting of a quiet, old lounge vaguely bedecked with musty cigar smoke and conversations lulling on fire lit nights.

Gothic paneling and wainscoting

The breathtaking gothic dark wood paneling and wainscoting caressing the length of this hallway is a prize OGT was more than happy to award this remodeling project.

Hand painted windows

These amazingly detailed hand painted windows were imported from Argentina and lovingly handled by OGT until they found their forever home in this place of honor in the kitchen.

Entirely possessed with a seemingly impossible cozy grandeur, the home is a complete relic of the past brought to full life in a present day setting through the art of Olde Good Things’ style and unique sense of perfection. A stark contrast to any cluttery antique store, the style and elegance in this home resonate through each piece salvaged from locations around the world. Argentine charm comes together with pieces so reminiscent of an old church, they seem to vibrate with tunes of old hymns sung in a capella resonance and the final rattle of a distant subway station in New York comes through in the kitchen tiles perched auspiciously beneath an ornately carved wooden hood for the stove and beautiful wooden ceilings that bring the entire picture into focus.

French doors with hand painted transom

These gorgeous French doors and hand painted transom were salvaged and imported from Argentina. Just another of the incredible pieces OGT has been privileged enough to obtain.


Very much alive, the past comes to a complete and final harmony with the present in each room throughout the home. Each item is beautifully showcased to perfection. Rich with stories and beautiful lives of their own, the antique pieces dwell somewhere in the liminals between time leaving their audience to wonder at their splendor and giving a whole new life to the walls of the home. Few walls require an entire audience to marvel at them, but these with their hand painted Argentine windows and ornately carved wooden panels, are quite something else. Made by hands from another time, the pieces evoke a kind of passion and stillness within the heart of the beholder.

If walls could speak, these would have more to tell than any modern re-fabricated attempt at reproduction and would be well worth several afternoons of hot tea and conversation. As for the present caretakers of the items, they live a life surrounded by reminders of the past and beauty of eras gone by. Perhaps in harkening back, it becomes possible to also look forward and imagine hallowed silences and moments of importance passing again before these very walls before they continue their journey and become part of new stories.


Subway tile


Argentine Glass

The photos in this post were taken from Design NJ, New Jersey’s Home & Design Magazine, February/March 2013 edition. Thank you!

Design NJ magazine

Design NJ, February/March 2013

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Getting 1stdibs

Just recently Olde Good Things joined to be one their ‘World Class Dealers’.  1stdibs was founded in 2001 by Michael Bruno after visiting Paris flea markets. Today 1stdibs is the go to source for the world’s leading interior designers and in-the-know consumers to find antiques, design, estate jewelry, vintage fashion and art. Its headquarters is in New York City. Some of our finest pieces are featured, including Black French Marble Mantel and Belgian Gilt Mirror  seen below. There are now over forty pieces online and growing. Visit the Olde Good Things 1stdibs store.

 1st dibs

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Olde Good Things featured on the Bronson Pinchot Project HGTV

Olde Good Things was featured on HGTV’s Bronson Pinchot Project on their  Main House Garden‘ episode. In this episode Bronson tries to tame the scraggly patch of grass and shrubs next to his house that passes for a garden. But in Bronson’s world gardening involves less planting and more building. Bronson visited one of our warehouses located on Brook Street in Scranton, Pa., and purchased 100 copper shingles that were salvaged from a 100-year-old church steeple roof.  For years now we’ve been repurposing the shingles into copper mirrors, seen below. Bronson also purchased a copper cupola several months before, featured on the show. There is a similar Cupola dome with louvered sides still available.



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Brimfield MA Antique Show

Olde Good Things has been a vendor at the Brimfield Antique Show for over 10 years. The show starts today May 14th and continues till the 19th.

The Brimfield Antiques Show began in the 1950s and has become the largest and best-known outdoor antiques show in the country. The show runs along Route 20 for perhaps a half-mile and 500 feet or more on each side of the highway. It’s a vast undertaking, filled with thousands of dealers over the course of the week, selling everything from the finest antiques to ‘yard junk’, requiring a day or two to see everything.

Our ‘home base’ is the Sturtevant field. We’ll also be set up at May’s and J&J.

Brimfield MA Antique Show

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Olde Good Things featured on CNBC Prime TV

Sara Gore from CNBC Prime TV looks around Olde Good Things with Treasure Detectives Curtis Dowling to try to spot a diamond in the rough. The mirror that they pointed out was carefully crafted from the copper cornice of a 100 year old building on Fifth Avenue, in New York City. The lion head as well as the verdigris patina is all original. Even though the mirror is new, the copper frame has a century of history with in it and now another century ahead it. View the Copper lion head mirror online.

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High Point Market’s Spring Home Furnishings Trade Show

At this very moment Olde Good Things is featuring our Altered Antiques at the High Point Market’s Spring Market Trade Show. The Show began Saturday April 20, 2013 and will continue until the 25th. So come by and see the true beauty of our pieces in person. (This show is open to the trade only.)



Olde Good Things is located 3rd floor Section I at

The Suites At Market Square

200 W Commerce Ave

High Point NC 27260-4908

Get directions

High Point Market ‘First time to the Market resource


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New Bowery store grand opening

We are happy and excited to announce the opening of our new Bowery location. Please join us in our celebration all this week!

The same hot Manhattan neighborhood which once rocked with CBGB and hosts DBGB now has a new great addition ‘OGTB’ – better known as Olde Good Things Bowery. Just two doors from the famous Houston and Bowery intersection in the East Village on the west side of the street is our neat new 302 Bowery store.

New OGT Bowery store

Now filling up with all the same great architectural antiques shoppers have enjoyed at our other three Manhattan locations…  and then some. This location is catering to the neighborhood with mid-century and industrial as well as a good assortment of architectural and our famous Olde Good Things trademark ‘altered’ antiques – eclectic new furnishings made from re-purposed architectural items.

Some 'Altered Antiques'

Architectural and altered antiques are showcased at our 302 Bowery location

Many customers make a weekend of frequenting all three of our other NYC locations – as each is a little different.  Now you’ll have to add this location to your weekend excursions. We’re still moving in so if you don’t see what you’re looking for – we can probably locate it for you and get it to you.

OGT Bowery store interior

People are coming in from everywhere! Australia, Japan, California, France, England and of course Bleeker Street.  They just can’t wait until our basement opens and we double our present inventory.  So far customers are particularly taken by our selection of lighting, industrial tables and altered antiques.  Of particular interest is the flashing star in the window and the life size baby giraffe which would look great in a child’s room.

OGT Bowery store interior

So at the sign of the lion – turn in… don’t miss out on the finds at yet another of the most interesting stores in New York…

The ‘cat’s out of the bag’ – came in and visit us at our latest Olde Good Things, Bowery location

Now open every day, 10 am to 7 pm, 212-498-9922. Read more about our new location on the New York Times East Village blog.

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Scott Antique Market at Atlanta Expo Center

Olde Good Things will have a featured booth at the Scott Antique Market at the Atlanta Expo Centers, starting today the 10th thru the 13th. Click here for more information.

Atlanta Expo Center‎
3650 Jonesboro Road Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30354
Click here for directions


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