Olde Good Things accents Rio apartments

It’s always a great compliment to have your work reviewed in globally renowned publications.  Well designers and architects, Beto Figuiredo and Luiz Eduardo Almeida of Ourico Arquitetura E Design, a Rio de Janeiro design firm, have had their work  featured more than once in CASA VOGUE, a Brazilian decorators’ favorite.  CASA Vogue Cover

Not only do these designers have their own natural flair for bringing tropical chic to otherwise simple modern designs, they also have a loyal base of discerning customers who love to shop with them at their favorite New York shops and incorporate the old with the new to spice modern layouts and give them a distinct look.

Beto has shopped Olde Good Things for quite a few years and has purchased all the right finishing touches to make his apartment redo’s have this standalone style.  Here you’ll see two of his and Luiz’ renovations, both incorporating Olde Good Things accents, photographs used courtesy of CASA VOGUE and taken by photographer, Cristiano Mascaro.

Mirror made from Historic Flat Iron Building window

Mirror made from Historic Flat Iron Building window

Old factory holophanes make for great pendants

Old factory holophane lights make for great pendants

Here you see a second renovation also featured in CASA VOGUE.  Beto accented this apartment with 1930’s industrial and school house lighting purchased from Olde Good Things.  Also from us, some seating, incidental lighting, and altered antiques including a huge horizontally hung window mirror from the Toy Building which now features Eataly, one of the favorite Italian Eateries in NYC.

One of the articles in CASA VOGUE featuring Ourico Arquitectura

One of the articles in CASA VOGUE featuring Ourico Arquitetura

Olde Good Things is a great source for designers the world over to find many types of incidental accents for any decorative renovation.  We invite you to come shop with us.

We also ship anywhere.  So come, design, and build with Olde Good Things.

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Nomad Mexicue: Tin Roofing Reuse

With an abundance of places to dine out in New York,  you can only assume that as new restaurants crop up, they are always looking for a unique strategy to attract clientele.  Well Mexicue Kitchen and Bar is no exception, first they arrived at an exclusive menu inspired by two of America’s favorite comfort foods: Mexican & BBQ.  They took the flavorful tastes of Mexico and blended them with smoky bbq flavors to create a mouthwatering union.  Although the food is most important at any dining establishment, the atmosphere and decor has to be top notch to spark the interest of the hungry public who have the choice of 24,000 restaurants at which to dine in New York City alone.

Restaurant designers often shop Olde Good Things looking for the unique unconventional items that will make their restaurant just a little different than the next establishment.  Mexicue designers opted to go with a warm, rustic look with an industrial flair and went shopping to find just the look they wanted to accent the reclaimed wooden planks and copper window mirrors used for decorating their Nomad location.


They made a call to Olde Good Things and shopped no further, expected in:  corrugated roofing tin from atop a Manhattan building with that rusty look warm enough to complement the pine plank wall covering.

Galvanized tin sheet metal once protected this small mechanical shack a top a Mid-town skyscraper.  Now showing weathered wear from years of exposure to the elements, it was time to make way for the new and dispose of the old, rusty metal that once protected the small structure.

Hearing of the salvage opportunity, Olde Good Things was on the scene to remove the sheet metal and give it a chance for re-use.



Mexicue was on the hunt for this very look and when they called OGT they hoped to locate the materials.  Well fortunately for them the materials were just in – and the same day it came off, it was delivered to their new 25th and 5th Nomad location just in time to complete the look they wanted.

Reclaimed galvanized tin now reused to cover the facade of the bar

Reclaimed galvanized tin now reused to cover the facade of the bar

Come dine and enjoy the comfort food, atmosphere and design of the Nomad Mexicue location.  And when you’re looking for just the right look for your next restaurant project, shop Olde Good Things, we just may have what you’re looking for!




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A piece of Paris History: Repurposing Vintage Street Lights

paris_street_lightAn ancient and historic city, Paris is the sparkling central gem in the crown of Europe. Known to all as the City of Lights, Paris is a criss-crossing capitol comprised of smaller cities joined together by their love of fine food, joy, and the passion one finds around every corner.

For many years, along the winding footpaths and cobblestone alleyways and narrow paved streets, Parisians and tourists could see the sights and explore the intimate nooks and crannies of the city; their way lit by large globe street lights.

Today, with the crucial need for bright lights and cost-effective infrastructure, Paris has replaced many of their antique and vintage street lights with new LED bulbs.

Though need has outweighed history, Paris knew it couldn’t just dispose of their old lights —no, they knew these beautiful, classic holophane lamps could be owned and loved by those who adore the city as much as they do.

Original Street Lamp pictured here in Paris

Original Street Lamp pictured here in Paris

Olde Good Things has just acquired a limited supply of these fantastic holophane globes, ready to be transformed into great contemporary lighting for either a residential or commercial application. These globe lamps are available with a steel pole or with a chain for use as a large pendant light.

paris street lights3

These globes can be simply repurposed as light fixtures and glimmering conversation pieces, in your kitchen over your central island, or in your dining room over your table. Imagine enjoying a meal with those you love while the light of Paris shines down upon you. Not only that, these antique lamps would be spectacular lighting pieces for screened-in porches, outdoor entertainment spaces, or shining, shimmering ballrooms! With these genuine architectural historical pieces, the sky’s the limit!


Bring a piece of the City of Lights into your home or office, and create an atmosphere of Parisian charm with the flick of a switch.

To own your very own piece of Parisian history, contact the customer service professionals at Olde Good Things, and be sure to peruse our online inventory for other gorgeous light fixtures.


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Strength and Beauty: Reclaimed Iron

In the mid to late 1800s, Scranton, Pennsylvania was known the world over as an industrial hub; home to coal mining, innovations in electric power, and iron works. Since then, Scranton has moved away from its industrial roots, and many of the old buildings, factories, and railroads are left to molder and rust beneath the ever-changing NEPA weather.

If you’ve ever visited our Scranton, Pennsylvania location, you’ve probably been awed by our vast yard filled to exploding with iron fencing and railing. OGT has spent many hundreds of hours salvaging wrought iron, hand-hammered iron, and industrial iron from buildings across the country—so much so that many of our customers are overwhelmed by the vastness and the variety of styles available.

Our vast iron yard in Scranton Pennsylvania is filled with many varieties of architectural iron

Our vast iron yard in Scranton Pennsylvania is filled with many varieties of architectural iron

Reusing Reclaimed Iron

At OGT we know that just because something looks old or broken it doesn’t mean it can’t come to life again. Old rusty iron gates or railings don’t have to stay rusty, and they don’t have to just be gates or railings! You can repurpose exterior railings or gates for interior redesign projects. A section of old railing can be sandblasted and painted and installed as the railing for a balcony. Or a pair of old iron gates can be cleaned, welded together, and reused as a partition to break up a large space.

Here you see just one of those varieties – some very simple hoop and loop style fencing.

Hoop and loop style fencing is just one of the many varieties of antique fencing we have salvaged

Hoop and loop style fencing is just one of the many varieties of antique fencing we have salvaged

One of our customers knew this was the look they wanted for their outside terrace and garden of their home.  Once it was simply a section of salvaged fencing in our vast yard and now sandblasted and refinished – it is set up and installed at their home. Take a look for yourself.








Updating Your Outdoor Spaces

Iron has strength, and once heated and crafted by master iron workers, it can become something beautiful. If your garden is a whitewashed ‘blah’ of stone, why not add an iron trellis; leafy vines and vining flowers weaving with your reclaimed iron to create a breathtaking conversation piece. A reclaimed and cleaned iron gate can be the perfect addition to your outdoor entryways and walkways—secure, strong, and stylish.

Not convinced? Visit our online inventory of iron fencing and railings here. Or take a tour of our Scranton, Pennsylvania warehouse location and see for yourself. Beneath the rust and years, these reclaimed iron pieces have a strength and beauty just waiting for you to uncover.

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Top 20 most popular farm tables & benches video

Tables come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be made from many different materials. At Olde Good Things, we like to keep things simple; we make our tables from only the finest salvaged wood and create masterpieces for our clients by incorporating other salvaged materials we find in our warehouses.

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The test of time

Nothing accents new design projects better than an old piece of architectural beauty given new dimension and life.  Here is an old steeple clock, six foot in diameter which has been refurbished and given that new dimension in this high end residential redo in Hollywood by Julie Berchtold of Berchtold Harris, a design / build firm located in Los Angeles.

Six foot diameter bronze clock face overlooks the dining room table

The clock face is solid bronze and is over 100 years old.  Here you see it up and running as a center piece to this vast open living area.

The clock face forms the center piece of this vast living area

Although the living area is ultra modern, the back-lit and now fully functional antique clock fits right in as it has stood the test of time.  Julie found this clock at our Grand Ave. Los, Angeles location and had the vision for it’s renewal in this penthouse apartment.   Take a look at this project and many others on her web site at this link.  Come visit us at one of our six locations and find that perfect piece for your next design project.

BH Tshirt Logo Back



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Summertime at the Brimfield Antiques Market 2015

Brimfield, MA:   Stutervants North – July 14-July 19, 2015
Mays Antique Market – July 16-July 18, 2015

It’s time for the famous Summer 2015 Brimfield Antiques Market.  The Spring show was so well attended we are anticipating an outstanding summer show as well.  This world attended extravaganza takes over an entire Massachusetts town for a week straight.  Of course, Olde Good Things will have a presense there and will be set up in two fields.  We have a large sprawl at Stutervants North field starting Monday July 14 until the end of the market, Sunday, July 19th.  We also will be set up at Mays Antique Market starting Thursday July 16th through July 18th.  We’ll have all  our famous wares including:  Architectural and altered antiques, hand crafted farm tables, antique ceiling tin mirrors and panels and industrial chic and more. If there’s something you’d like us to bring, call us ahead of time.  Come see us and enjoy shopping our booth.   Hope to see you there.

More information> here

Come see us at Sturtevants North – our huge tent is packed with great stuff

Always interesting finds at Olde Good Things


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Leave No Stone Unturned

When the architecturologists at Olde Good Things engage in our architectural salvage work, we often find stunning antique stone and terracotta artifacts. To add an historical and unique element to your home, building project, garden, or patio, antique stone items are a striking choice.

Since so many of our stone and terra cotta items have such a rich history, they are incredible conversation pieces and symbols of past eras. If you are looking for a beautiful garden stone or a terra cotta or cast cement garden decoration to enhance your landscape, look no further than Olde Good Things. Below we have selected a few select pieces including a 40 ft. limestone multi-piece frieze from the Philadelphia Civic Center, figural lady face frieze from the facade of a Times Square building as well as life-size marble angels from a NE Pennsylvania church.  Take a look.  Come shop with us from our vast online selection of unique building stones for your next project.


Philadelphia Civic Center Transportation frieze


1930s statue pair from Wezleg Macs estate


Time Square salvaged stone lady building facade

Glazed terra cotta wall


Pair of life sized marble angels



[Stone & Terra Cotta]

[Stautes & Fountains]


Cast stone urn with cherub figures

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Customer showcase: Pearly Gates Bar reinvention

Pearly Gates Bar in Frankfurt, Germany just underwent a major redo

Pearly Gates Bar in Frankfurt, Germany just underwent a major redo

On a cobblestone street in Frankfurt Germany one will find a newly transformed classic venue called Pearly Gates Bar.  This one-of-a-kind local eatery and bar was in need of a dramatic and lasting redesign, and they called on designer, Madjid Djamegari, for help. Djamegari, known for his redesign of The Gibson Club, wanted to create an interior space with a classic 1920s vibe—complete with the sensual lines and simple yet stylish fixtures of an American speakeasy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many architectural salvage and repurposing specialists in Europe, so Djamegari travelled to New York to find the perfect pieces for his perfect vision. Fortunately for Pearly Gates Bar and for us, he stumbled upon a small shop filled to the ceiling with everything he needed to make his mark on a timeless German bar. He’d discovered Olde Good Things where he tapped into the wares at our Madison Avenue location, handpicking many vintage and altered antiques to create his desired look.

Much of the seating, lighting and table tops were supplied by OGT

Much of the seating, lighting and table tops were supplied by OGT

For a touch of glimmering illumination in his interior transformation, Djamegari chose these beautiful copper pendant lights which he hung from 100 year old reclaimed tin-tiled ceiling. The tin ceiling was pieced together from actual vintage tin OGT salvaged from buildings in NYC and Chicago. You can get a better idea of the work that goes into the removal, cleaning, and restoration of tin ceilings by reading our blog post here. The pendant lights, once backstage lights at the 1930s Philadelphia Convention Hall in Philadelphia, form a glow of subtle lighting over the bar area.  The table tops were custom made from reclaimed copper and galvanized sheet metal, and were built in our custom furniture shop at our warehouse in Pennsylvania.

Leather couch and oak bankers chairs were purchased at our Madison Ave. Store.

Leather couch and oak bankers chairs were purchased at our Madison Ave. Store.

Much of the seating was supplied by Olde Good Things, including the swivel top stools, the 1940s leather couch, and mahogany banker’s chairs.

Not only did Djamegari have comfortable seating in mind, he also wanted to draw in the style and vintage charm of classic NYC with these small sconce lights lining the intimate corners of the bar. These wall lights once graced the white-tile walls of the New York City Subway system.

Sadly, the pictures supplied do not feature some other interesting items used during the redesign. These items include: vintage bathroom pedestal sinks and reclaimed doors.  Although Olde Good Things, Madison Ave is our flagship location, there are three more unique locations in New York City, one in downtown Los Angeles, and two large warehouse locations in Scranton Pennsylvania.  Each of our locations house an eclectic variety of salvaged, restored, and re-purposed items perfect for a restaurant, commercial, or residential redesign, remodel, or refurbishing.

To see what else OGT has to offer, visit our website and look through our growing inventory, or visit one of our locations in-person for a real eye-opening, design bending experience!

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Creating an outdoor oasis using salvaged items

Having an outdoor living space can be a wonderful, relaxing addition to your home. Continuing the decorating style you already use indoors into your outdoor space can also help to increase your home’s value. It can be difficult to know how exactly to do this, however, particularly if you’ve used salvaged items to create a unique look for your home. As the top salvage company in the country, we have the opportunity to create many interesting decorative pieces and spaces using salvaged items in ways many people don’t even think of. Read below for how you can create a beautiful look for your outdoor space using items from one of our many locations.


Every garden should have a gate or a door, but not necessarily as an entry point.  Above is just a small selection of iron entry ways available at Olde Good Things.  An antique French door that no longer contains the glass (like the one from our online selection shown above) can make a beautiful trellis for climbing flowers or decorative vines. Refinishing or painting the door in a bright, bold color can also make it a lovely accent piece when placed against a fence or a garden wall. For a more traditional look, two solid doors can be connected with other wood pieces at the top to make a beautiful arbor. Consider placing a bench or reading chair beneath it to create a peaceful nook for reading, relaxing, or late afternoon naps.

An old bicycle can be used to decorate an outdoor space

An old bicycle, like the one shown here can make an excellent conversation piece. Turn the handlebar basket into a planter, and
consider weaving climbing flowers or vines through the wheel spokes and around the frame. The color of the bike can be incorporated into your garden’s theme, or it could be used as an eye-catching piece to liven up a more drab area of your outdoor space.

Tables missing their tops, or chairs that are missing their seats also make excellent planters, and can be very interesting pieces. These types of items also work quite well in smaller spaces, or on patios that don’t have any real planting space.

An open top table can be used as a garden element

An open top table can be used as a garden element

Stone pieces are a traditional choice for decorating an outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring or ordinary. Consider moving beyond traditional stone planters and statues, and search for something more unique. Using a piece with an interesting design can really bring your personality to your garden. Salvaged stone pieces from mantels, decorative walls, columns, and other elements can really make your garden a unique and interesting place to relax or have friends over.


Here a salvaged garden stone makes a centerpiece in this garden

Here a salvaged garden stone makes a centerpiece in this garden

For larger gardens, consider breaking up the space with an interesting element like a piece of stained glass, or an antique chandelier draped in glass beads. No only will elements like these look interesting, the light shining through and reflecting off of them will create beautiful patterns and colors that will really help your garden stand out. Use a bit of a strong, antique chain to hang these elements securely from a tree, arbor, or trellis. If you prefer the look of wood to glass, an antique window frame with the pane of glass removed can make an excellent hanging planter and define the space in a similar way.

A salvaged window makes a great garden element

A salvaged window makes a great garden element

Using salvaged or antique items in your garden can be a wonderful way to set your garden oasis, and your home apart from the others in your neighborhood. Using pieces that are unique and different is a great way to create a space that shows off your style and personality, while giving you a wonderful place to relax and get away from it all.

With the help of Olde Good Things, you can easily transform your backyard into a hideaway just for your enjoyment, or a mindblowing entertainment space that you and your family and friends can enjoy.

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