Beat the cold of winter in style: Beautiful stone fireplace mantels

From late October until the first blooms emerge in spring, the winter months pummel us with ice, freezing winds, and frigid temperatures that keep us locked indoors where it’s warm and cozy. Staying warm and cozy when the winter nights get nippy requires a lot of electric or gas heat, but why mess with those when you can throw a few logs on the fire; get warm, get cozy, get creative? If your home has a fireplace, but that fireplace could use a facelift, you’ve come to the right blog.

With the holidays right around the corner and winter approaching fast on its heels, it’s time to update the fireplace so that when the embers are burning hot, your home décor is looking cool. Olde Good Things has had the honor of salvaging dozens of fireplace mantels and surrounds. These architectural masterpieces were carefully taken from old homes and commercial spaces and provided a temporary home in one of our warehouses. You can provide one of the following stone mantels and surrounds with a permanent home this winter.

Green Arts & Crafts tile mantel

This gorgeous green tiled Arts & Crafts style fireplace mantel and surround was salvaged from a home in NJ. The simple green tiles provide a taste of decorative flair and the Corinthian columns provide a sense of history that brings the whole piece to life. This mantel is perfect in homes where warm and cozy meet solid and simple.

Dutch tile fireplace mantel Royal Tichelaar Makkum

Words cannot describe this piece… so, we will pull the words straight from the description on the site: “This is a fairly new mantel made the old way by the Royal Tickelaar of Makkum, the oldest pottery and tile company in the Netherlands.” “…made of Frisian clay and are entirely hand painted.” “There is a lovely floral mosaic on the top, surrounded by individual Dutch scenic tiles. The lower part of the mantel has theme tiles of musicians, children playing and floral tiles.” Breathtaking in detail and perfect for the home in need of something traditional yet unique.

Stone fireplace surround mantel

Last, but certainly not least, is this simply stunning carved limestone fireplace surround and mantel. Fashioned in detail to mimic an English Tudor style fireplace it offers its owners a whisper of the antique with a gasp of modern awe.

Olde Good Things is confident that when the winter freeze begins to blanket the world in snow and ice, you’ll be blanketed in warmth and beauty when seated snugly before one of our salvaged fireplaces.

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Brilliant holiday gift ideas from the elves at Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things has spent the last year seeking out, salvaging, and repurposing antique and vintage materials, furniture, and other wonderful things. Many of the things we’ve uncovered have found homes with our faithful and delighted customers. Unfortunately, many of the things we’ve found are still waiting in our warehouse and stores to go to that one home where they will be loved and cherished. This holiday season why not give one or two of these items a forever home? Do you have difficulty thinking up gift ideas for that special someone? If you want to find that perfect holiday gift for the family member who has special tastes, you need to consider one of these following items as a brilliant gift.

This French urn is a breathtaking piece of antique art. Fashioned from marble and caressed with gold accents, this is the perfect holiday gift for the art lover in your life. While it is an old piece, it is only on sale for a short time. This gorgeous purple hued masterpiece is an original Linda Cook lithograph (1993) entitled, “Lavender Provence.” This is a gift that keeps on giving; it will be the centerpiece of many holiday conversations. This item is on sale just in time for the intrepid holiday shopper. Oohs and aahs included.

Is there a beloved little girl in your family that could use a little holiday magic? Why not gift her with this old fiberglass horse? This is a horse that has seen some years and usage and could use a little TLC, but once it’s been sanded and painted, this old horse will bring light and laughter to the heart of any child. Sadly, the saddle is not included.

The holidays shouldn’t be fraught with frustrations; they should be filled with happy shoppers and even happier gift recipients. Shop happy and make happy memories when you shop at one of our locations. We at Olde Good Things want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year.

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Midtown Manhattan makeover

If you’ve been reading this blog for the last few months, you’ve probably come across a  post or two about designer Michael Laudati. Michael isn’t just some novice interior designer with aspirations for greatness, he has changed the face of many historical building lobbies in New York City.

With Michael’s eye for detail, taste and understated flair, and Olde Good Things’ incredible and varied selection of historical salvaged materials, lobbies that have lost their  uniqueness have been restored to their original beauty. This has increased the number of visitors to once lonely historical buildings.

Recently, we caught up with Michael to see what he’s been up to – and we were pleased by what we discovered.

His newest project included remodeling an Upper West side building lobby. The redesign was a tricky feat because part of the lobby space included an awkwardly placed storage closet – how does one make a storage closet look good?

According to Michael: “The door to the closet was custom made to fit the opening but I added a vintage elevator door grille in the opening backed with textured glass that allows light from a window behind it to shine thru”. As you can see from the image, this is one stylish storage closet, and OGT provided the materials Michael needed to make it look so good.

This Upper West Side lobby was also in need of a lighting makeover. With a lighting fixture handpicked from OGT’s stock of salvaged lighting fixtures, Michael installed this gorgeous chandelier fixture that creates an atmosphere of class and elegance that plays artfully with the new storage closet door.

So, do you want to see into the heart and home of this prolific designer?

Michael’s apartment in The Adlon is dressed with three Secession style iron grilles on the wall over the couch. These have been fashioned into a work of art. The cast iron fireplace screen, the gorgeous red and gold cafe chairs, the Secession table lamp beside the couch, and the tile top industrial coffee table are all pieces Michael found in one of our warehouses.

We’re glad to be a part of Michael’s creative remodeling and design projects. We’d love to be a part of yours as well. Check out our selection of salvaged materials, handcrafted furniture, and repurposed art pieces at any one of our six locations.

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The photographers’ funhouse

The weather was not supposed to be all that great and we didn’t know if we’d be allowed to invade Olde Good Things in Scranton, but the gods were with Mo that day. Dave Cohen (photo 25), Mo Devlin (photo 24) and I wanted to get some of those odd photos Mo got once before at this place, but we thought the three of us with backpacks, tripods and knee pads might be asking too much of their hospitality. As soon as we pulled near the place Mo saw his friend that works there. We were hoping to find him, but were concerned he might be the needle in this rusty olde haystack. “No problem. Enjoy the day,” was the gist of his reply to Mo’s inquiry.

Those photog gods kept smiling on us as we finished up shooting in the “yard.” As we snapped our final shutters, not knowing whether the invitation included the inside of the building, a cheery gentleman appeared in the door. Chuck (see photos 43, 44 & 46) was like the doorman of Oz. “Come on in,” was his congenial attitude. He showed us some things that were still on the truck from their recent acquisition trip and sent us in the funhouse for photos.

See the entire gallery here.

Original post here, reprinted with permission. Thanks Marty!

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A creative Thanksgiving centerpiece – the table!

Right before the rush and rejoicing of Christmas is a holiday known as Thanksgiving. We’re sure you’ve heard of it. Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, fun, and festive Fall decorations. Families gather around the table to eat turkey and the carbo-licious side dishes, and then pile their plates with pumpkin pies. Once the meal is done, they fall asleep on the couch – victims of that pesky post-Thanksgiving meal fatigue. After they’ve napped, they pull on their caps and gloves, gather their lists together and make their way to the store wide wrestling match, also known as, Black Friday (only it’s really on Thursday night).

With all of that said, can you imagine having a Thanksgiving meal without the table? The first Thanksgiving meal took place at a table, or even a few tables, but those were probably crudely made using whichever wood was easiest for the Pilgrims to use (they weren’t particularly used to the environment of the wild Americas).

Tables come in many different shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. Does your table provide everything you need for a fantastic Thanksgiving meal? Sure, there may be enough spaces, but does your table offer something more than just a place to sit and eat? Does your table double as a conversation piece?

The handmade farm tables at Olde Good Things are made using salvaged wood, handcrafted using high quality carpentry processes, and can be made to order to fit your style.

This table is crafted from salvaged wood and painted white in order to provide the perfect foundation for table decorations. Imagine setting the table with bright reds, oranges, and deep browns – place mats, plates, napkins, and centerpieces made of fallen leaves and cranberries surrounding tall, thick white candles.

Even before your guests sit down to eat and be filled by your Thanksgiving feast, they will see and be amazed by your table.

If you want to see our wide and gorgeous selection of farm tables, and add one or two to your Christmas wish list, visit one of our showrooms.

We at Olde Good Things are excited about spending time around the table with our families. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of great food and grateful hearts.

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Come see us at the Renninger’s Extravaganza, Mt Dora, FL

If you frequent the Mt. Dora Antique & Collector Extravaganza, you can see us there at Booth No.  2118 and 2119, Renninger’s Twin Markets at 20651 US 441, just east of Mount Dora and 30 miles north of Orlando.  Our friendly salesmen have all the usual Olde Good wares – antique tin framed mirrors and panels, architectural artifacts including fencing, building stones, doors and plenty of other interesting finds, as well as a good sample of our manufactured line of furniture made from reclaimed materials – such as our famous farm tables – including ones with industrial style metal legs. The show starts Friday November 16 through Sunday November 18th. A 3-day pass is only $15 and free parking. So come and see us. We hope to see you there.


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From the scrap heap to the dining room: Our process for making tables

Tables come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be made from many different materials. At Olde Good Things, we like to keep things simple; we make our tables from only the finest salvaged wood and create masterpieces for our clients by incorporating other salvaged materials we find in our warehouses.

Curious about our table making process? Well, we’ve finally decided to spill the beans and give you a detailed account of how our handcrafted tables get from point A (the scrap heap) to point Z (your dining room). Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Continue reading

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Nautical chain table in House Beautiful

The July/August issue of House Beautiful magazine featured one of our nautical chain tables with a white stone top on the front cover!

Click to see the original article online:

See blogger Miss Iris’ take here.

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Get fit with the dolphins

Olde Good Things stores sure are interesting… we attract people from all walks of life. Our life-size dolphin fountain from the famous Fontainbleau Hotel caught the eye of  Heidi Kristoffer, renowned yoga instructor. Before we knew it our Union Square store took on a new air…

UPDATE: Since these videos were filmed, the dolphins have found a new home – back in Florida!

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Vintage industrial lighting on sale

Industrial lighting on saleThe Architecturologists salvaged a bunch of these green enamel industrial lights from a Pennsylvania warehouse. Two styles are available, one slightly more bell-shaped. Regularly price at $650 each, now $450. Includes cleaning and rewiring. Please call or email with any questions or to order.

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