Tropical wood decking and beams now available

The Architecturologists got another nice supply of tropical ipe wood beams and decking, this time coming from a lower Manhattan pier.  (The previous batch came from the Coney Island boardwalk). The existing pier is being demolished for the construction of a new shopping mall. Email for details if you have any interest!

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4 Responses to Tropical wood decking and beams now available

  1. Let me know how much sq ft that is available and your most aggressive pricing

  2. sMonica Steidinger says:

    HI, I have followed your site for years. I took down as many old structures as I could salvage, with a very limited budget.
    I know the market is looking for fir, pine, this family of lumber.
    Would you mind sharing with me the type of lumber, which was used to construct this priceless lumber from the Lower Manhattan pier? I would really like to know the species, even though I am not in the market to purchase any lumber. I took down barns and houses in southeastern Indiana. We did not find much pine there except barn siding; no large beams. And the siding wasn’t that thick; 3/4″ I think. I made ship-lap ceiling material with it.
    Anyway, if you could tell me the species of your material and the widths and lengths you were able to salvage, I would greatly appreciate you response. peace, monica steidinger

  3. Mark Burzynski says:

    Definitely interested in some of this. I stopped in a few weeks ago inquiring about materials just like this. Could I get this planed and cut to size on 3 sides (I would keep one one the lengths sides natural)? Not sure of the measurements yet but I would use most likely for a bookshelf if you hand pieces wide enough.
    How are you selling this?

  4. Jen says:

    Where can we get a pricing quote for these woods?

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