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Decorative & Art

When it comes to decorative pieces for your home or business, Olde Good Things has plenty of exciting options! From traditional art pieces such as wall décor and sculpture to special decorative artifacts such as glassware, pottery, and porcelain, Olde Good Things has many striking items available.

Antique glassware is eye-catching when used in any number of household, garden, and office settings. Olde Good Things has recovered many striking glass and stained glass items you can order online. For example, we offer antique colored glass seltzer bottles in blue, green, red, orange, fushia, lavendar, and neutral. These unique and attractive pieces work with many types of décor. Olde Good Things also carries a number of antique crystal bowls, glass serving dishes, and crystal urns. Each of these antique decorative items brings to your decorating project art, beauty, and a piece of the past.

Antique pottery has a way of warming up a room and giving it an instant old-fashioned feel. That’s why at Olde Good Things we go beyond architectural salvage to bring you decorative art pieces like Roseville pottery vases and other unique pottery artifacts.

Blank walls are your canvas. What you choose to hang as wall décor sets the tone for your room, tells others about your interests, and offers the chance for conversations. When you are looking for antique art to fill your walls, Olde Good Things has what you need. From canvas paintings to charcoal drawings, from water color artwork to black and white photos, we have many beautiful antique pictures from which to choose. We also have unique wall hangings made of bronze, wood, or plaster. Antique artifacts with functionality like antique clocks and decorative plates are also available. Much of the wall décor at Olde Good Things has interesting historic content, depicting unique and important historical events. For vintage wall décor and art that will bring beauty and conversation into your home or workplace, choose Olde Good Things.