Our Story | A Celebration of Good, Olde Times

Our story goes back to 1995, to the 26th St Chelsea Antique Market, where we started out with a small flea market stall. Today Olde Good Things has evolved to become one of the largest architectural antique dealers in the country. Our three stores and two warehouses contain an impressive inventory of olde good things, more than 250,000 square feet of merchandise.

Our inventory is sourced largely from pre-depression and late nineteenth century buildings. We salvage these precious items to make them available to collectors and designers who can put them to good use.

Unique Architectural Antique Details

Our collection of olde good things includes hardware, doors and doorknobs, furniture, stained glass, terra cotta, mantels and decorative iron.

Our inventory also includes one of the most extensive selections of vintage chicken wire and corrugated glass.

Our specialty lies in Altered Antiques. Our salvage team collects an assortment of reclaimed materials and repurposes them into useful or purely aesthetic items. Our most popular ranges include our famous tin mirrors and panels, furniture and shelving and lighting pieces.

Giving Back to the Future

Olde Good Things donates half of its profits to fund mission work in Haiti. The mission has been carried out by the church that owns Olde Good Things, since 1977.

Our Outlets

Olde Good Glass has three New York City stores and a store in Los Angeles. Our two warehouses are located in Pennsylvania.

Please check our site regularly. We are always adding to our inventory and finding good olde things to treasure. We look forward to seeing you in our stores.